Facebook Ads Do NOT Work

Facebook ads do not work “Of course, Facebook ads do not work, there are too many people using Facebook ads.” “And who looks at them anyway?!” “People go [...]

Ecommerce tips for a successful Christmas and New Year 2018

E-commerce tips for a successful Christmas and New Year – next year! With Christmas fast approaching, how can you make this festive period successful for your online business? Here we talk [...]

Why is Voice Search so important in 2018

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Benefits of using Google My Business

Reasons for using Google My Business   Google has been improving Google My Business (GMB) over the last few months by adding new features that target small businesses and the search results. [...]

Why reviews and testimonials are so important and how to get them

Getting and using great reviews and Testimonials Adding reviews and testimonials (comments from your satisfied customers) is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to improve your online brand [...]