Our new service for 2017 DIY SEO.

DIY SEODo you want to learn how about search engine optimisation, learn how to optimise your website and beat your competitors to the top spot in Google?

A cost effective method of doing it yourself, learning as you go along, all for a low amount. Why pay hundreds, or thousands of pounds each month when we will show you how to do it. Follow our guidance and fully optimise your website.

Each month we will provide you with bespoke guidance, for YOUR website, tell you the keywords to use, how to find them and modify your website. We will provide tips and hints on what you should be doing each and every month. Follow our guidance, tips and knowledge each month and watch your website rise in the rankings.

We will start in month 1 by reviewing your website, seeing what is wrong and provide you with a report, telling you in plain English what is wrong and how you can fix it.

Then in the following months, we’ll tell you what to write, where to write it to fully optimise your site. BIG website and not confident of where to start? No worries, we’ll start off with the main pages, and work our way through the site, together. It will be like holding your hand all the way through.

Daunting? Confusing? Worried? Not any more. If you can write a Word document, save it and email it; you can optimise your website yourself.

NO lengthy SEO Contracts

No contracts. Zero lengthy tied in agreements. Sign up for one month or until your site is fully optimised and we’ll continue with ongoing digital marketing techniques and services for each month of the year.

Ecommerce sites? No problems. We’ll guide you through the maze of SEO jargon, where to add what and how to do it. Where to start, categories, wording, tags, images etc. etc.

Where do you start for DIY SEO?

Contact Stuart here – email stuart@retrieverdigital.co.uk – we’ll send you an invoice for the first month, £50; then setup a direct debit for£50 a month, NO VAT to be paid on the anniversary each month after – until you cancel it – and away we go!

Worried? Need more confidence from our ability or trust? Call us on 01903 791660 and let’s talk through what we’ll do, together!!






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