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We know that our Facebook ad campaigns work!

Our experience of building Facebook ad campaigns, using many types of ads, ensures your return on investment is highly profitable.

We are unlike other Facebook ad agencies, that might claim to know what they are talking about, with one or two ads going out each month. But we can show you live campaigns, the number of ads live, ones that we have binned and ones ready to go.

We have proven information that we can reduce costs per lead to between $7 and $12.

Are your lead acquisition costs this low?

We test, test, and test again; ensuring your Facebook ads are winners.

Are you a good fit for us, as we are for you? We do not take all businesses on. If your expectations are too high, or budget too low, then we won’t just take your money, we will not take your business.

Our experienced team will produce all content for your campaigns, from images to written content. We produce all ads, and we do not only use one. We use as many as it takes.

One ad might work for client X, but the same ad for client Y, will fail; so we test, test and test some more!

As of November 2017, our Facebook ad spend alone, is approaching $600,000 a month.

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See some of our proof on our Facebook campaigns, low cost lead acquisition between $7 and $12.

Facebook ads

Lead costs $12 per lead!!

Facebook ads

Facebook leads acquisition $7 per lead

Facebook ads $12 per lead

Low-cost Facebook leads acquisition $12 per lead

Facebook ads low cost

Facebook leads acquisition £12 per lead

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