When is the best time to post on social media

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What is the best time to post on social media

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This is probably the most popular question we get asked during our social media training and service provision. When is the best time? Easy, yeah? when everybody is online, 9-5 and then sometime in the evenings for those really hooked on social media!! NO, not really, as people work different hours, are busy throughout the day, have different schedules daily. What about evenings, weekends, before lunch, after, during etc.? You can use great software available now a days to advise when YOUR followers or friends etc. are online, so advising of the best time to post to those already following you.  This can be an excellent tool to promote to your existing fans but what about gaining new followers, new friends? That lovely bit of software isn’t as powerful now. So, you have the best bit of news to share, the latest funny picture of a cute cat, or even better still a juicy blog advising of how you can help businesses with their problems.

There are lots of social media platforms that people use, some are better than others. Facebook is great for Business to Consumer (B2C), Twitter is excellent for Business to Business and becoming more popular for Business to Consumer too. LinkedIn is better for professionals, so Business to Business. Google+ is still growing. Google+ is ideal for Business to Business but due to clever work by Google, it is becoming more popular for Business to Consumer targets.

Paid Promotions – These are becoming more and more popular, more of a necessity now that Facebook is limiting the amount of posts that are seen by your followers. Facebook needs a return for their shareholders. Gone are the days for free promotion using Facebook. Hence the growing popularity of Google+!!

So, if your budget is limited, as most SMEs are, how best can you use social media t promote your brand? TIMING of posts can be a real benefit. Of course, the content is still hugely important but if you write great content and nobody is reading it, what’s the point?

Question: Is it best to TWEET when everybody is at work or OFF PEAK?

There are many times when dedicated followers on Twitter come together for promoted hours, called Hashtag hours, see our recent blog on when these hashtag hours happen. These are often in Off Peak hours but some are during the day for hot headed tweeters.

Posting during OFF PEAK times increases your chances of being seen. Also post before lunch times and home times, as people will look through Twitter on their lunch break and the journey home. Automate some tweets for RUSH HOUR though, as bored commuters will be on Twitter for sure, unless they are driving!

Google+ is becoming more and more popular, Facebook is losing its younger audience and they in particular are flocking to Google+. Also marketers are (they already should have been on) moving to Google+. WHY? Basically its Google’s baby, and participating in Google+ or anything Google, is going to give you good points and help with all things being ranked in Google. So use Google+ for promotion, it is Social Media! And its always improving, changing for the better.

Question: The best time to post on social media – Facebook

Facebook reports that WEEKENDS get 32% higher engagement. Why is this? Most people have intelligent mobile devices now, so are always on social media and “work” is not getting in the way of social media, the boss not worried about time spent not on work issues!

Posting on Thursdays and Fridays will increase engagement by 18% too. The feel good weekend factor could be attributable here and by publishing your news between 1 pm and 4 pm on these days is the best time.

Question: The best time to post on social media – Google+

Everyday!! It is getting massive.

In particular, everyday before NOON. So from 9am until when it peak son Google+. Promote more closer to mid afternoon. As its a more professional social media platform at present, although it is changing, don’t waste too much time in the evenings.

Question: The best time to post on social media – LinkedIn

LinkedIn – the Professional version of Facebook – not related but more geared towards the professional. It was dedicated for job hunters, searching online for that elusive dream job, or any job!! However it is now widely used as a business promotion tool; and very well indeed it is.

Best times to promote are between 7 am and 9 am, before the working day really begins, as its commonly known for a job hunting tool, the boss might not like to see his workers using LinkedIn. However, educate the boss for what its being used for in 2014 and they might come around for its importance. Equally a great time to post is between 5-6, that last few minutes before going home!

Reversely, LinkedIn traffic fades fast after 3 pm on Fridays, do not even bother over the weekends!!

Question: The best time to post on social media – Pinterest

SATURDAYS! is the main day to promote. Still use Pinterest throughout the week as your boards will only benefit from growth and adding more pictures. BUT Saturday is the day….. ideally 2-4 pm. Rest of the weekend has higher traffic too, go for it!!

We love Social Media, we hope you do. Try the above times to post to your particular social media platforms and remember engaging, interesting and informative content is key to getting your posts shared, +1 and re-tweeted.


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