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Salon Business apps

The purpose of this article is to answer some basic questions –

• What is a business mobile app.
• What can a business app offer.
• Why you should use a business app.
• What are the benefits of a business app.

In this article we are promoting the use of a business app for salons – nail salons, beauty salons and hair salons but they can also be used for any other client facing business:

• Restaurants
• Vets
• Garages
• Dentists
• Personal trainers
• Gyms
• Dog walkers
• Gardeners
• Coffee shops
The list is endless…….

What Is A Business Mobile App

Generally speaking an app is a computer program designed specifically for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

An app for your business is a powerful marketing tool, to accompany any website but interestingly, it could save you from modernising your old non-mobile friendly website and getting an app to go with it.
A business app is a great tool for marketing your brand and increasing the visibility of your business.
A mobile app is different from a website, it does not have a web address or URL, it can be downloaded onto your mobile device and does not need internet connection to be seen, unlike a website. It is designed to be mobile friendly – see on any mobile device – its responsive in design.

What Can A Business App Offer

A business app can offer much more than a website, in terms of accessibility and it offers a multitude of services. The app can provide all the information you want it to, from pictures, opening hours, scanning and photograph taking, instant messaging, notification of cancelled appointment – to offer a discount or notify all clients of availability.

Reward Regular Users – Using the camera on the mobile device, users can take an image of a QR code for rewarding regular customers – so instead of using paper cars with stamps on or signatures for rewards – using digital technology – clamp down on cheating!!

Geosensing – Detect when clients are in the vicinity. Set a measurable distance, 500m, 1 mile, you decide and if a client, who has downloaded your business app to their phone, and is carrying it…. send an automatic message to them. “Hi, don’t walk by, come in and see our special offers” or “come in for a cup of tea…”

Why You Should Use A Business App

Your business app can help you market your business to your customers, 24 hours a day. No need for an “always on”internet connection – when the device finds an internet connection, the app can be updated. So whilst the device may not be “on-line” the customer can still read about your business, can still see examples of your work, can still see your services, and receive instant messages – once internet connectivity has happened, plus other notifications that are relevant to them.
Target lists of customers to send instant messages to, ensuring your marketing goes to those who want it.
Have you ever seen a customer walking by your store or salon, only or you to want to run out and grab them to tell them of your latest offer? Well, do not worry any more – your business app can detect the mobile device – user settings to establish how far away the user needs to be – and can send an instant message to advise of special offers or availability.

What Are The Benefits Of A Business App

• Visibility
• Build brand and recognition
• Client awareness
• Instant messaging
• GEO Sensing – location notifications – notify a client when they are within a set distance of your salon
• Reward frequent users – result – increase in downloads and more visitors
• Reward customer referrals
• Information of your business at your clients finger tips – with or without internet connectivity
• Order on-line via your app
• Reach customers when they are most receptive
• Customer Engagement – Allow your customers to contact you at any time (hey within reason!)
• Images – show your recent creations to all your customers via your app
• Analytics – see all kinds of data on your app users

Hopefully you can see how powerful a business app is for your brand and recognition and customer engagement.

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Here is a business app we made earlier

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