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This article has been designed to provide information on the various types of email marketing software on the open market. Whilst it sounds ideal to do it yourself, do you have the time to do so? We can help, so if you get overloaded with information in this blog, do not despair, help is here!

With so many different options for email marketing software today, it can be challenging to know how to narrow down your options.

Do you go for the option that’s most affordable? Or the one that has the best email templates and tools for building amazing, professional-looking emails?

In most cases, the answer is: It’s a combination of factors.

So what should you look for when assessing email marketing software or are considering switching from your current service provider? In this post, we’ll cover 10 must-haves (and a bonus) to look for including everything from mobile capability to support.

1. Rich selection of email templates

In this day and age, no one needs to create an email from scratch. Who has the time? Your email marketing software provider should have a rich selection of email templates that serve many different email marketing purposes–from newsletters to promotions, announcements, and beyond–that can be quickly and easily customised to fit your branding.

Campaign Monitor Email Template Selection

Keep in mind that aside from simple, elegant design, templates should also be flexible enough to include features like dynamic content and personalisation so your messages are as relevant as possible for subscribers. If templates are missing these features, it’s a red flag.

2. A powerful email builder

In the era of do it yourself marketing, you need an email builder that’s intuitive and easy to use with simple drag and drop features (so you don’t have to take a training course before you can get started using it.)

Virgin Email Builder

Ideally, a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) works well, as there are no surprise changes that happen after an email is sent out to subscribers. You can simply click, drag, and drop different pieces within the template, such as:

• CTA buttons
• Hero images
• Dividers
• Text
• Spacers

From there, you can customise colours, text size, fonts, add your logo, and make the template completely seamless with your other branding elements.

3. Mobile ready for the mobile world

In a world where more than 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device, you can’t afford to work with an email marketing software that doesn’t think with a mobile first mindset.

Topshop Mobile Ready
The mobile trend is no passing fad, either. In recent years, mobile email opens have increased by as much as 30%, and data shows that one out of every three clicks within an email occurs on a mobile device.

Make sure you’re selecting an email marketing software that not only automatically optimises your email campaigns for you on a variety of different mobile devices, but has plenty of mobile-friendly templates that make building a mobile email stress-free.

4. Built-in design & SPAM testing

Before sending out your email campaign, you’ll want to see a preview of how your template, images, and messaging will display in a variety of different inboxes both on desktop and mobile devices. Look for an email marketing software that helps you ensure your emails look great in any email client.

email marketing services
And because there are many strict laws and regulations around SPAM emails, you’ll also want to select a provider that allows you to test your campaigns before you send them out to subscribers. Testing your content pre-send helps you proactively catch the material that triggers SPAM reports at the desktop, server, and firewall levels. That means more of your emails reach the subscriber’s inbox, and far fewer end up in the SPAM folder.

5. Reasonable sending limits & unlimited options

As your email list size continues to grow, you don’t want to be limited by the send frequency of your email marketing software. When you’re just starting out, look for a provider that provides a variety of levels for sending and offers both monthly and pay as you go plans to provide you the best flexibility.

For example: If you have a list of 500 subscribers, you should be able to send them all at least 3-4 emails per month, right? That means you’d want to look for an email software that would allow 2,500 email sends per month at the 500 subscriber mark to give you some wiggle room.

Then, as you grow your list and upgrade to a higher sending tier, make sure you have unlimited sending abilities.

Taking this approach will help you scale your email so you’re making a smart investment with high ROI based on business size.

6. Flexible pricing

Do you need to start right out of the gate with a massive budget for email software? Probably not. But at the same time, simply sticking with the tools included in most freemium models isn’t enough to give you all of the functionality and analytics you need to be successful.

So what do you do? Do you opt in for one of the high-end tools with a lot of features you’re really not ready to use yet?

No–you’d be throwing a lot of good money away. You need email software that can grow with you and can help keep your costs low and the return on your investments high (all while still delivering the functionality you need.) Look for an email tool that can scale and grow with your business that has flexible pricing with low, medium, and enterprise tiers.

7. Rich reporting capabilities

With the right resources, email marketing is one of the most measurable marketing mediums marketers have at their disposal. Therefore, be sure the email software you choose has rich reporting capability that enable you to be sure you’re spending your time, money, and effort in the right places. Look for reports with key metrics such as:

• Open rate
• Click-through rate
• Unsubscribe rate
• Bounce rate

These high-level data points show the overall success of your campaigns. However, there should also be secondary reporting options that can be accomplished with integrations that reveal deeper metrics that can help you improve the design or strategy of your campaigns overall.

Sephora Email Marketing Reporting Capabilities

Look for deep-dive reporting that helps you better understand what works and what doesn’t in your email campaigns.

8. Seamless surveys

Surveys, delivered via email, help keep customers happy and keep your business functioning at a high level. From Net Promoter Scores to customer satisfaction, these email-delivered surveys help you keep a pulse on many different aspects of your business at any given time. And by giving your customers a voice and collecting this valuable feedback, you can outpace the competition with an ever-improving business operation.

Look for an email marketing software that allows you to embed mobile-ready surveys in your email campaigns so you can optimise each and every customer experience.

9. Integrations and plugins

As email is often an important piece within a larger marketing technology stack, it’s important that it easily extends and integrates with a variety of other business applications–like your CRM, eCommerce, or CMS solution (just to name a few.)

email marketing software

By integrating these apps, you can make your email campaigns hyper-targeted, personalised, and extremely relevant to your customers based on their unique preferences and history with your brand. Doing so is proven to increase success with email marketing, too. Campaign Monitor offers a powerful selection of apps and integrations in our very own App Store.

10. World-class, 24/7 Support

From time to time, you’re going to need help with your email marketing service. It happens. When that time comes, you want to be sure your email service provider is there to help. Test the waters with a few different providers by performing a couple of experiments.

• How long it takes to reach a support rep via email or phone
• Browse online troubleshooting resources
• Ask for help with a common problem
• Seek out additional support resources

You should look for an email marketing software that provides 24/7 support through a variety of channels so you’re never left waiting for help when you’re in an email crisis that could impact the success of your business. Think about it: There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get in touch with a real human being when you need help.

Bonus: Marketing automation capabilities

We are always looking for ways to send better, more targeted content and at scale and there’s no better way to do this than with marketing automation. Marketing automation is simply combining data about customer behaviour with personalised journeys and beautiful, on-brand content to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. Every ESP should offer a simple to use, but powerful marketing automation solution for you.

Wrap up

Let’s do a quick round-up of the 10 email marketing software must-haves (plus a bonus):

1. Great selection of templates
2. Easy, powerful email builder
3. Mobile-ready
4. Design and SPAM testing
5. Reasonable send limits
6. Flexible pricing
7. Rich reporting
8. Seamless surveys
9. Integrations and plugins
10. Fantastic, mind-blowing support
Bonus. Marketing automation capabilities

If you can find a provider who checks off all of these boxes, you’ve found a great match.

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