15 Social Media Tips for Business

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15 Social Media Tips for Business

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So, you have decided this is the year your business is going to make it big on social media, but now you have started your accounts, or retrieved the ones that had laid dormant for months you’re not sure where to start!! Don’t worry, we are here to help with our top 15 tips for social media.



Ask your clients to fill in a customer review on Facebook when you have carried out some work for them. More and more often now people are looking at businesses on Facebook, so having some positive reviews and a high rating is a great way to prove you are a business that can be trusted. If someone leaves a negative review turn it your advantage by replying and showing your businesses wonderful customer service skills.

Use Images

It is a well-known fact that images receive far more interaction on Facebook than written posts. Keep your business page interesting by adding images of your products, or of customers using your services. If this is hard for you to do then post pictures of your staff in the office, anything that makes your business more visible will work as it shows the more human side to your business making potential customers feel they know you better.

Keep your posts short

It is well recognised that shorter posts receive more interaction than long posts. Try to stick to between 100 and 250 characters to increase your posts engagement. Facebook is quick moving and most people skim read their newsfeed to find what interests them, so a long post is much more likely to be skipped over and ignored than a shorter more succinct post.

Offer Deals

To keep your Facebook fans loyal offer them special perks, this could be a discount using a code from your Facebook page, or a freebie for the first 10 people to Like your post. Make sure you include calls to action and link the post to the most specific page on your website. Also include an end date for your promotion to increase the sense of urgency. Just make sure you read Facebook’s terms and conditions before creating your post as certain things are frowned upon when it comes to promotions and deals.


It is always best to post when most of your fans are online, to find out when this is taking a look at your page’s insights, however, you may find your fans are online at your busiest time of day. Don’t panic, you can schedule posts on Facebook to go out at times that suit you.



Monitor your Mentions

With Twitter, it is possible to see when your business is mentioned by other users. This is a great way to get involved with what users are saying about your business and to build interaction.

Use Followerwonk

A great free tool for your Twitter account is Followerwonk. If you use the analyse tab you can find literally all the data you will ever need about your business’s Twitter account in general. A really handy feature of Followerwonk is the fact you can see who you are following and how recently they have used their accounts. Anyone who hasn’t been on Twitter for at least a couple of months can easily be removed. You can also see when the people you are following are online, meaning you can target your posts to go out when you have the biggest audience.


Keep a close eye on the trending topics on Twitter and if it’s relevant to you get involved, this can be a great way of getting involved in conversations. Remember to use the # to make sure your post shows up in the trending topics timeline.


Suitable for all businesses

If you don’t sell pretty products ou can still do very well on Instagram. Behind the scenes photos and images of your staff at work tend to do well, so get snap happy. Having images of your workplace and staff also builds up more trust in your company.

Ideal for promoting your products

If you do sell products then what better way to advertise them than by using Instagram. You can add images or videos of your products in action and it won’t cost you a penny. This is really worth doing as not only is Instagram much less competitive than Facebook or Twitter but it has a great following and you are much more likely to receive interaction from your followers on here than you are on other social media networks.

General Social Media Hints and Tips

Find the social media platforms that suit your business

If you are a mobile business then sites such as Foursquare will suit you. If you have a visual brand then Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for you. Restaurants, cafes and hotels rely heavily on customer reviews so make sure you are on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. You can’t ignore the power of Facebook and Twitter either as these are becoming more and more used in the business world, but don’t feel you have to be a part of everything if you try to be you will quickly become overwhelmed!!

Time Keeping

It can be easy to let time run away with you when you are on social media so set yourself an amount of time to spend on your social media accounts either daily or weekly so you don’t become overwhelmed.


The best place to gain an idea of how well your social media platforms are performing is from using each ones individual analytics data. Facebook has Facebook insights, and Twitter has Twitter Analytics. If you go into these you can see how well your posts are performing, how your audience is made up and loads of other data on your account. Reviewing these often can give you a great insight into what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong on your social media accounts.

Use scheduling software

Do you often have good intentions of using your social media accounts but find you just run out of time? If this is you then it may be worth investing in a HootSuite account. You can add your social media channels to the account. Schedule posts to go out when you want them too. Spending an hour a week on Hootsuite can ensure all of your social media accounts will be updated daily. This will give time free to run your business for the rest of the week.


One of the top tips to remember to keep your audience engaged is to not be all about yourself. This may sound silly, after all, surely your social media accounts are there for promoting your business, which is true. But how likely are you to be interested in a business who only ever posts about their products or services? Break up the promotional posts with general posts. Share other peoples content, and on a Friday afternoon why not share a funny video you found on YouTube. This will make your business more human to others looking in, and much more appealing.

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