3 Tips on Marketing in Lockdown

Marketing in Lockdown

What to do for Marketing in lockdown. Sounds simple doesn’t it, continue to do your marketing during the lockdown, or START MARKETING NOW!!

Whilst people are at home, either unable to work or have lost their jobs, business owners can get a kickstart over their competitors during the lockdown.

By improving your marketing during these quiet times, can really help give your business a boost when we are out of these restrictive times.  Read more on our tips to improve the impact of your marketing and why.

Marketing in lockdown tip 1.


Plan what you want to do, who to target and then do it, slowly but surely during the next few months AND BEYOND. Make sure you start a marketing plan and then continue to use it, or modify it after we come out of restrictive trading. If you get too busy when we are “back to normal”, then use a marketing company to help. 

What to Plan

  1. Who are your target clients/customers?
  2. What services are they looking for?
    1. Are they looking for what you offer? Or are they looking for services that slightly differ from what you are marketing?
    2. Are people using keywords (the words they input into search engines to find a product/service “Plumber London” or “Water Engineer London” – two similar-sounding searches but could be completely different?
    3. Can you add new services that you already offer?
  3. What content can you add to your website that will help get people to contact you?
    1. Content should be a minimum of 300 words per page!
  4. What content can you add to blogs, which you can share across social media to help get you found?
    1. Blogs should be about 1500 words long, with images.
  5. Can you add “Case Studies” to your website to help show what you do?
    1. These should be WHAT, WHY, WHERE, HOW about each case study, each service/product you offer.
      1. For example – if you are a bedroom furniture maker, what have you made for a customer, that solved a problem, what was the area BEFORE you built a wardrobe looking like and the AFTER it was installed. With pictures!!

Marketing in lockdown tip 2.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you add the planned content to your website, make sure people (your customers/clients) can find it in Google BUT Google is not the ONLY search engine!! Whilst Google IS the World’s number one search engine, there are others, as you can read by following those links, there is also Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, Yell.com, CheckaTrade and others to consider. For instance, if you offer a product say Kitchens, then Houzz AND Checkatrade could be worth targetting, as that is where your customers are likely to be searching AS WELL AS Google.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is key to getting your website found in Google and Bing and Yahoo etc. It is the method by which you edit your website to include keywords, those words that people search Google for, that you use to match Google’s searches to include your content in the results (SERPs) that Google provides to its customers – YOUR customers!!

Read further blogs and content on our website OR get in touch with us at Retriever to provide a report on WHY your website is not ranking in Google’s result pages.

Once you have a report, either learn how to edit your website or commission an agency to help with this.

Marketing in lockdown tip 3.


Once you have added content to your website, whether it is a new page/service or a new blog post, make sure people know about it.

You’ve done the hardest piece, thinking of content to add to your website and then WRITING that content, optimising it and letting Google know you have added it. 

Now help Google and other search engines by SHARING this content across areas where your clients or customers are likely to be. That could be Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many other sites that you SHOULD have an account – which does not need to be paid for!!! FREE is GOOD!!

Facebook is good for adding content, as people who like what they see, can LIKE it, SHARE it and more. 

Provide competitions, a small prize is good, say a £25 book voucher or M&S voucher, or a FREE add-on to your services, or a discount if people SHARE your content.


Marketing is not a quick fix solution to getting customers BUT everyone does it in some method, either through Word of Mouth or through advertising in a local shop window, they all work, depending on the business but if your competitors are on Google, you should be too. 

Plan, plan and then do it!


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