5 great tips to advertise your social media to your customers

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5 great tips to advertise your social media to your customers

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Everyone talks about using social media, having a website, getting found online and many other forms of digital marketing for getting found online.

How else can you get people to know about your brand online? Who are the best people to help you advertise your brand, your products, your website etc.? YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS. these people have paid good money to buy your services or products, so why not include them into telling the world how good you are? Get them to use their social media to talk about your products to their friends and family, their followers and following, their Plus 1s etc.

1. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Newsletter

Tell your customers by having a clipboard beside the till, ask them for their email address – ask their permission to include them in your monthly or quarterly newsletter, advising of your latest new products, offers, discounts etc.

2. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Business Card

At any point of sale, provide your business card, staple it to the receipt of purchase and include your social media pages. Ask the customer to LIKE your Facebook page, Follow on Twitter and Google+. Get them to write a review of your service or products that they have purchased – ask them!! Provide questions, offer tips and advice on the site on how they use the purchase.

3. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Advertise on receipts

When you provide a proof of purchase, it is usually in the form of a credit card or debit card transaction paper receipt. Advertise on the reverse of the till roll receipt. This is generally seen as a waste of paper BUT using pre-printed till rolls, you can utilise this space to promote not only your website, social media or other digital presence but also offers, discounts etc. See this website for examples.

4. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Shop or Office window

Your shop window is usually the main attraction to your business. One huge advertisement of what you offer. If you are on the high street, people can see it at all times of the day. So put a sticker on the winder, advising of your social media accounts and website. So if the shop is closed, then people can contact you. You have probably got your telephone number but showing your online presence will help people find out more about your business – can they buy online, what new products have you got coming soon, any special offers?

5. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Networking

Go to networking meetings, make your own name label and include your Facebook name. Make sure your business cards have your social media contact details on. On your networking profile, ensure it is fully filled out to include all of your contact details, including your social media details.

6. Tips to advertise your social media to your customers – Website

It sounds logical doesn’t it? Include the social media icons on your main page of your website. Make sure the icons work. Make sure that when people click on the icons, the links open in a new window and to the actual social media page. I often see the links do not work, or the links go to the share option or worst case scenario to http://www.facebook.com and not to the actual members page. how frustrating would that be to your potential new social media contact?

By following these tips, your customers, your fans will only enhance your social media and internet presence. Whilst some people may think that this could open a can of worms by introducing a medium of complaints or bad press, this can only be of benefit and show you issues with either your products or service or other area in which if you take care of can only benefit your business over all.

Social media is a great tool for showing your customers what you do and friend of your customers too. Social media can be a great personal reference tool to be used to its fullest benefits. Ask for references, ask for tips, ask for photographs of your customers wearing your clothes or jewellery. Ask your following to recommend you or ask for their “Wish List” – what they want to buy next – repeat business!!

For more help on social media, contact our helpful Retrievers by filling in our Social Media contact form or call 01903 791660 and speak to us in person, we wont bite!

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