5 Marketing tips in a recession

Read our marketing tips in a recession is going to be tough, unless you can increase your budget to pay somebody or pay them more to do it, what can YOU actually do to increase sales and reach for your business?

Tip 1. Social Media

You do actually have social media linked to your business, right? If not START it NOW!

Start a business Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest – IF they are relevant to your business. Do NOT just do Instagram if it has zero relevance to your company. Do not waste your time on startign a YouTube channel if its pointless, and you are crap at video,

If you have a Facebook page, start posting regularly, say 3 times per week. Or more often IF you can. Add photographs of your work, products and services. 

Do not link Instagram to your Facebook page, it looks AWFUL posting on facebook with all the hashtags. Just cut and paste, removing the hashtags and it takes 2 more minutes but looks so worthwhile.

Add links to your website. 

What other Marketing tips in a recession could you think of doing?

Tip 2. Your Website

Make sure your website can be found in Google.

Has it been optimised for Google? Has it has SEO done to it? Search Engine Optimisation i sthe key to being found online.

Ask a friend, to search for your company, not using the name – as 99% of your potential clients will NOT kno wof you so will NOT use your company name. So if you are a plumber in Worthing……….. ask them to search for “Plumber in Worthing” or various combinations of that and see if your business is found.

If it does not……. you need help. Talk to an SEO coonsultant, search Google for advice. And if you cannot do it – pay somebody who can.

If you cannot find your company, you potential customers cannot too.

Make regular updates to your website. 

Add new or varied services, so if you make “Bespoke fitted Furniture”  as a woodworker, make one page for “Bespoke Fitted Bedrooms” and another page for “Bespoke Fitted Kitchens” and another for “Bespoke Fitted Living Rooms” and another for “Bespoke Fitted Alcoves” this suddenly makes your website larger by four pages and is now able to be found by 4 x times the amount of people it did do before. Obviously if it has been optimised for search engines! Make sure th econtent on each page is different as much as it can be and obviously the pictures are relevant to the page!!

See this post on how a London based PR agency is still getting new clients in the recession by using SEO!!

Tip 3. Traditional Marketing

Do not forget about other marketing, traditional marketing like local magazines, newspapers, parish magazines.

Consider your van and private car adding your company details. Try adding a window or door sticker – they are cheaper than you might think.

Vistaprint are one company that offers cost effective marketing materials.

Local magazines are worth considering, try for a 3 month period, so readers can get to know you. Ask for a discount, as the magazines will be needing sales JUST LIKE YOU!!

Tip 4. Reviews

ASK – for reviews and ask for them to be added to Google by the reviewer or Facebook! These appear on your Google My Business page. (See below) and are from REAL people.

YOU use reviews when YOU buy things from say Amazon or ANYWHERE – so why are YOU not using them for your business? Your customers will want to see how well you are rated.

DO not write or use testimonials on your website or social media like “Great job done, Mr S from Brighton” – nobody trusts these, YOU do not trust them, so WHY should your potential customers?! Anyone could have written it. Use ones that has their name and contact details (with their permission!) for instance – “Great Job Done, Mr. Smith, Owner from Brighton Excellent Business” – That is much more beleivable AND can be chased and asked for their advice on using you!!

Tip 5. Google My Business

If people search for your business online, or competitors… 😉 using GMB will help get your business seen on the Google Map and search results.

It gives people, potential customers the opportunity to see like minded businesses in your area. Read this on Google My Business for more information.

It also gives you more links back to your website. It also is what Google wants and likes, so the more you appease Google, the better your website and business can be found in Google and online searches.

What other Marketing tips in a recession, do get in touch and offer your tips.

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