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Growing a business is tough and setting it up to blossom is tougher. This is why different ideas are tried to promote the business and drive more customers towards a brand. The social commerce, also known as social media shopping or using social media to drive more customers towards a business brand is a potential key factor in making a business company success.
With 42% penetration and 3.196 billion active social media users globally, the social media marketing and commerce is gaining traction mainly in the field of creating brand awareness and interaction phase of the purchase voyage. The GlobalWebIndex states, “Time spent on social media is up and is now at around 2 hours and 15 minutes per day.” With billion of active users, this average time spent on the social media suggests that someone somewhere is always online on the social platform across the whole world, right? Then why not use it to your benefit in growing your business firm?
Every business industry in the market, whether small or large, works in order to achieve big goals. Of these goals, the main goal is to increase the sales of the business and enjoy the gained profit. For this, the businessman hires a talented team, a web design company, and a superior marketing team. The social media marketing is taken seriously and every decision regarding the use of social media platform and the suitable social media tool is made.

Here on this page, you will find the 5 golden social media tips that will help you grow your business for sure.
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  1. Get into a conversation – Interact with your audience
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Why getting into a conversation with your viewers is important? Why is it good to answer the queries of the customers? Such are the questions many marketers think about while handling the social media platforms for their business firms. Well, the more you communicate, interact, show social care and support, and answer your viewer’s question; the more are the chances to convert them into potential customers. Also, when you answer the question, the viewer understands and often tags their friends in the post. And the research has it that 80% of the consumers make a purchasing decision based on their fellow friend’s suggestion. Cool, right?

Adam McCloskey, the associate director at Florida SBDC at UWF says regarding this, “The key thing with Facebook is to remember that the algorithm they use rewards posts that have interaction. If a business posts something but no one responds, then Facebook won’t show it to anyone. They’re trying to keep people on their website, and they can only do that by showing posts and stories that people find interesting. It’s going to get more difficult, as Facebook announced they’re going to be changing their algorithm. They’ll now favour content from friends over companies and other pages.”

2. Formulate a social calendar

The tip number two that we have for you is to formulate the social calendar. Now, what are the benefits of making this calendar? They are as follows:
• Ensures regular posting of the social content
• Keep your schedule of social media activity full
• Helps you measure your online performance
• Makes it easy to reach the social media end goals by clearly designing the pathway
• All of these efforts actually produce great sales results
• You can easily automate and assign the respective tasksVisuals/ videos appeal the audience in a short time span

The tip number three compels you to think of something that can attract your audience in a short time span and keep their attention intact for a bit long. When we think according to this theme, the only thing that lights up in our minds is to focus on the visual and video content on social media. The users now use mobile phones and wish to do less work themselves. The visual and video content is self-explanatory, and all the graphics, animations and beautiful colour contrasts/ effects used in it appeals to the user’s eyes.

In this regard, Carol Roth, a business advisor and the creator of the Future File Legacy Planning System say, “Attention spans are short so be sure to add photos and videos to your social content. It will boost engagement and is perfect for businesses with products to show off. If you have a service-based business, consider a photo with words or a photo that complements your text. And don’t overlook visually-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.”

Way to go videos!

As far as the videos are concerned, the stats show that over 4.4 million videos were uploaded to Facebook in February 2016. This created over 199 billion views. And the research has it that video content is to become the major source of driving traffic by the year 2021. It’s like three years from now; wouldn’t you want to step on it without wasting any further time?Other than Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular for videos content sharing.The stats show that a number of marketers sharing video content on the latter platform was to reach 55% by 2018.

4. Make the social media CTAs and content mobile-friendly

According to Marketing Land, around 80% of the entire social media activity is done through mobile phones. Thus, with the majority of the people now using smartphones for communication and social media apps usage, it is necessary that you make your social media page mobile-friendly. This should be done in terms of the content, images, videos and most strongly in terms of the call-to-action that you make.

How to make CTAs prominent and mobile-friendly?
It is done in the following ways:
• Use bright and vibrant colored CTA buttons to catch the attention of the consumer
• Adjust the size and shape of CTA buttons according to the page
• Ensure the right placement and position of the CTA

5. Know and practice the latest social media trend

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Last but not least at all, we have the precious social media tip of following the latest social media trends. This helps you keep your game up and step it up a notch even before the latest trend has become viral. You can always gain benefit from the period when the latest trend hits the market and is yet not conceived and acted upon by the majority of the people.

Instagram trends:

For example, Instagram’s hashtag trend never gets old. Even with new trends working like the Instagram stories, the hashtag is one of the best ways used by the audience to discover the relevant posts. The idea is to work with and according to the latest algorithms of each social media platform. According to Buffer Social, the seven key factors (engagement, relevancy, relationships, timeliness, profile searches, direct shares, and time spent) are what make the Insta algorithm. And so you should abide by them.

Other popular social media platform trends:
• Video content and live videos on Facebook
• Use of AR/VR applications via Facebook (Camera effects platform and spaces)
• Continuous support of the chatbots
• SnapChat’s AR advertisement/ SnapChat stories
• Live video streaming on You Tube
• 360-degree videos, gaming videos and the launch of ‘how to’ videos on You Tube
• On Pinterest, cameras are the new keyboards – make use of it
Are you ready to work your way through it?
The five social media tips mentioned above are what you need to end the year 2018 with a blasting performance and embrace the New Year with welcoming open arms. The tips mentioned in the content above have produced the most awesome results and by trying them, you are going to enjoy the same privileges.

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