7 Reasons Why Small Business Email Marketing Still Rocks

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You’re not the only one with an exploding inbox. This year, the overall e-mails sent and gotten each day will total 269 billion, The Radicati Group forecasts, that by year-end 2021, anticipate 319.6 billion messages daily. On average every workplace employee gets 121 messages a day (another factoid from The Radicati Group). Clearly, we’re all getting way too much e-mail. More than we can possibly read effectively! Not surprising that less than half of small businesses use email marketing, in accordance with Infusionsoft’s 2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report.

We must ask ourselves, with such a high volume of messages obstructing people’s inboxes, why bother?

However here’s the important thing. Email marketing still works — like truly works — specifically for small to medium businesses. In fact, online marketers at SMBs think email marketing is the most efficient method for increasing awareness in addition to client acquisition, conversion, and retention. According to Gigaom Research.

Here are seven reasons your SMB should not give up on e-mail marketing:

1. Email marketing can be automated

To be reliable, your e-mail uses, newsletters, or other material must be tailored and individualized for your target audiences. While this seems like a big task, it does not need to be. Client Relationship Management (CRM) software that incorporates marketing automation tools for small organisations, like Retriever Digital and our email marketing service, can help. We can develop a marketing campaign using dedicated software, to instantly send personalised email to every contact in your CRM database. This saves you time and energy to concentrate on your core service, selling what you do best! This customised, automated service can significantly increase conversion rates and foster brand loyalty.

2. Customers in fact prefer email

A Marketing Sherpa study discovered that 72 percent of Americans choose that business interact with them via email versus other channels, such as text and social media. And are you taking a seat? Seventy-three percent of millennials state they ‘d rather get their communications from business through email, inning accordance with research study from Adestra.

3. Email marketing is affordable.

At a typical cost of just a couple of pence per message. Email marketing is quite a bargain in regards to price and time when compared to direct mail. Compared to other media, email is very cost effective to send. With print ads, you are helping to keep newspapers and magazines alive. Direct-mail advertising can cost more than £300 per thousand letters. With e-mail, there are nearly no charges at all. But its low expense only makes the argument stronger, that email marketing is the most economical advertising approach readily available today.

And e-mail isn’t really just cheap; it also offers a great return.

4. Email can deliver huge ROI

When carried out well and delivered with importance to engaged consumers, e-mail supplies the highest ROI for modern-day online marketers. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that e-mail marketing can provide an ROI of about 4,300 percent.

small business email marketing

5. Email marketing is simple to determine.

With email marketing, you can quickly see how messages fared with your target market. Using analytics you can see within 24 hours exactly which messages have actually been opened, by whom, what links the openers clicked on, and exactly what part of your message was working. Additionally, you can enhance your e-mail projects by employing A/B testing for a range of aspects such as subject lines, email length, Call to Actions (CTAs), and more.

6. Consumers are extremely mobile and so is email.

Email was designer that you read your e-mail on your computer. Not today, about 77 percent of people own a mobile phone and because we can read e-mail anywhere now. 73 percent of smartphone users read e-mail daily. 20 percent more than those who check email on desktop PCs. This suggests your target customers eread email on the move. And if your email promotes an item they might use, they might be more responsive to it.

7. Email marketing converts better than social media.

Email marketing is 40 times better at converting prospects into customers than Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, you do not have to pick between email marketing and social media. As Adweek recommends: “While it’s crucial to bear in mind exactly what each channel does the best and to stay on message, combination holds the guarantee of big benefits for both e-mail and social marketing. Email and social media work best when working together and not in competitors with one another.” Making your email marketing count. Winning at email marketing is another story. You need to be concise and relevant.

Give the recipient something of value, whether it’s information or a discount rate. Personalise your e-mail topic and content. And offer the reader a call-to-action, whether it’s “call us to learn more” or “purchase now. Follow best practices and you’ll see for yourself why email marketing still rocks.



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