A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

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A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

First things first – we have to understand the difference between producing traffic and producing leads. Traffic generation is all about your top of the funnel material marketing efforts. That is to say, it is your blog (and other content) output that has the sole function of driving visitors to your website. As well as blogs, your videos, infographics and other higher shareable material also form your traffic generation strategy. But when it comes to lead generation, the method is a little different! Everything revolves around gated material and those all-important sign-up forms.

What is gated content?

When you understand what gated content is, you basically understand what lead generation is.

Gated content refers to content that is only accessible in exchange for info– typically the contact details, name and email address of the person wanting to gain access to it. Extra information might be asked for, like the business that the individual works for. As material marketers, we record this information, before we “open the gates”, as it were, and offer them with access.

How does this fit in with lead generation? When somebody goes to the effort of completing a type to access a piece of material (which, in this day and age, remains in reality quite a big ask of our visitors), they are showing that they are not simply passive visitors to our site, but actively and more deeply engaged with what we have to offer. In this sense, the individual who downloads our gated material can no longer be considered a mere visitor, but a lead. This increases you sales opportunities as a lead is a possible sales contact. Get a healthy catalogue of gated content on your website, and you’re midway to a strong method that supports lead generation.

We bring in visitors to our site through content marketing. From there, we provide extra content to them, and, using analytical data can provide more relevant content to the lead.

List Building

However, for effective list building, we have to comprehend some of the finer information of the process – so let’s dive into exactly what those are:


When promoting our gated material, we need to make sure that our visitors (who are not yet leads) are appropriately lured to click the button that will take them to it. So, for instance, let’s say that we remain in the material marketing organisation. We’ve composed a blog site entitled “The best ways to Get Started With Content Marketing.” We’ve promoted it on social, and have actually drawn in many company owners who are now reading the post. We’re mindful not to offer the whole game away in this short article. This is because we want these entrepreneurs to download our piece of gated material: a complimentary eBook entitled “The complete overview of material marketing for SMEs”. So, exactly what we require to do is attract them to do so – and, in order to do that we need a strong call-to-action(CTA).

Use Call to Actions (CTAs)

A CTA is a button, image, or often a message that attracts our visitors to take some kind of action. In lead generation terms, this action will be to browse to a landing page where the gated content can be accessed. It’s important, then, that our CTAs are luring. More than that unmissable. A lot more than that engaging!  For the functions of owning downloads of our eBook, maybe the best practice would be to display a great intense picture of the eBook’s front cover that reveals the title “The complete guide to content marketing for SMEs” and a button underneath that says something like “Free download”. You can and ought to experiment with CTAs. You might discover, for example, that “Download now” produces better results than”Free download”. Even images may work much better than others. The only method to learn is to experiment– so do that.

Whatever works best, when visitors click on our CTAs, they are directed to a landing page. So let’s think about landing pages next.

Landing pages

Landing pages are specially designed pages that have a distinct purpose. For lead generation, this function will be to submit a bribe in exchange for an offer. In our example, the deal being the free download of our “Total overview of content marketing”eBook. Importantly, whatever the material is, you may choose a case research study instead of an eBook, or a white paper, access to a webinar, a research report, a video. It has to be of high adequate value to obtain individuals to complete that form and surrender their information.

As you can see, CTAs play an important role on landing pages, too– as does the entire design and design of the page. Split and multivariate testing is necessary to maximise conclusion rates– but, as soon as a visitor has actually filled out that type, received the offer and given up their individual information, a lead is generated.

And that dear readers, is how list building works.


Let’s summarise the actions you have to require to begin generating leads.

1. Create remarkable material that owns traffic to your website.

2. Create a series of high-value gated content that only those severe about doing company with you will want to access.

3. Market this gated content on your website, and connect your strong CTA to a devoted landing page.

4. Style your landing pages with conversions in mind. Supply a type that is easy to complete, and guarantee your CTAs are as strong as possible.

5. Conduct split screening throughout actions 3 and 4 to maximise click-throughs and downloads.


We can help with all your lead generation strategies. Whether it is complete social media management, paid ads or general advice. Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Click here for lead generation strategy  services.




A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

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