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Google has been improving Google My Business (GMB) over the last few months by adding new features that target small businesses and the search results. Here we touch on the benefits of using Google My Business – GMB – for any business.

The reason seems to be to encourage all businesses to utilise their Google My Business option, hin.

New Google My Business features include:

  • Adding content to your Google My Business profile. Does this form another ranking signal to Google? We do not know yet but can it not be of benefit, another link to your website, more chances of your content being found and seen. Extra chances of link bait to get people to your website. Use it!
  • New FREE tool – Small Thanks with Google – is only available to businesses in the USA and Puerto Rico – but if all goes well will launch Worldwide. It allows small businesses to leverage their existing Google reviews. Showcase the best positive reviews from customers left on your Google My Business Listing by generating a poster to display at your business. It’s free, easy to use. An excellent way to encourage businesses to use Google My Business listing for their reviews.
  • Ask a Question! Questions & Answers In Google Business Listings – Google Maps launched a new Questions & Answers feature that allows customers to ask a business questions and the owner the ability to answer directly. While this feature is only accessible in Android, it will be rolled out later in the year. See Tim Capper’s review of the new feature, the benefits, and what you can expect.
  • Online Orders and Bookings – Customers can now take action directly from search results using Google Maps. Options like view a menu, search for items, book an appointment, place an order and make a table booking. To learn more about this feature, check out Phil Rozek’s – 12 Facts to Know about Google My Business Appointment URLs.

These extra features are on top of those introduced in July this year, which includes:

  • SMS Text Message – The ability to communicate with searchers via text messages through your GMB listing was built into the GMB dashboard.
  • Publish Events – Business owners can now promote events directly to Search and Maps results, enhancing their branded Knowledge Panel in local search results.
  • New Website – If your business is new and you don’t have a website, you can build one in under 5 minutes with the help of Google’s website builder.

These additions to the Googles suite lead us to believe that Google is pushing harder to have users connect with their Google My Business dashboard more frequently. The more often users are in the dashboard, the more chances they have to sell them on advertising platforms like Adwords Express and Home Service Ads.

Our Top Tips on Google My Business Listings:

  • Follow Google MY Business on Twitter for THE latest news @googlemybiz.
  • Add ALL of your latest blogs to your GMB page
  • Make sure you complete your GMB profile  100%
    • Add photos, opening hours, link your website, make sure all details are correct.
    • NAP – name, address and phone number are accurate across all online listings
  • Get reviews – Preferably on Google, otherwise on Facebook
  • Manage your online reputation – check for negative reviews and take action
  • Need help – ask Google!


It might sound like more work but if you help Google help their customers  – those who are searching online for your business, then you are bound to rank well. Google wants its customers, those who use Google, to find what they are looking for, FAST and accurately.

So, ensure your website is fully optimised, this is the basic requirements to be found in Google. See here for further help on search engine optimisation. Using social media to increase your brand awareness, use relevant – probably not ALL social media. For instance, if your business is a florist, make sure you use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook BUT is Twitter of benefit? If you are a service provider, say “Cloud services” for online storage – can Pinterest or Instagram be of use?

Make sure you add content to your website, in the form of quality content on pages and articles AND ten promote them on social media.

Consider your website design. Is a one page website worth using? Limited amount of pages to optimise and promote!! Is it mobile friendly? Doe sit load FAST?

Get backlinks – sign up to free directories, business listings (usually but not always paid). Make sure the NAP is correct and same across all digital listing. For instance, if you want to use Street, do not shorten it to St. If you are at 14 Columbus Buildings, The High Street, Town, County, Postcode – do not miss out the “Columbus Buildings”. Google wants to see all listings the same, it helps them build trust that your business is where it is!


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