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Why you need search engine optimisation (SEO)

Why you need search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) IS required for any website

The whole point of having a website is to get it found by those searching online, for the services or products you provide, by those who do not know of your company name thus increasing the visitors to the site and supply leads or sales. 95% of websites do require to be found online, the other 5%, say a golf society or a niche market where there is literally no competition – perhaps in the nuclear power station building industry… and others, just are there for information, and do not need to be found. However, just having a website that may be the best looking site in the world, will not get you to the 1st page of Google. It will not be found online in search engines by those looking for the things you sell or do. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into effect.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the means by which a website is manipulated or edited to match to online searches by those that want your services or products but do not know of your company name or website address. Search engines, for instance, Google – who has 91% share of the online search market, has a finite amount of time to search websites, the information and content they have, to produce results based on the search enquiry given. Search engines use computer coding to generate these search techniques, called algorithms. So it is vitally important to edit websites, mainly in the coding, to make the algorithms see what your website is about and what you want to get found for.

Google Friendly Web Design

The majority of web designers are good at producing good looking websites but that’s where they normally stop. They provide a great looking, visually appealing website but then is not able to be found for the particular keywords for that business. They usually love designing and although are technically brilliant, they lack the knowledge in the fast pace, changing world of search engine optimization. Also many designers make websites but do not listen to Google’s advice on coding, visual impact, amount and quality of content and addition of key important areas to optimise.

How to check if your website is Google friendly

We have produced a blog How to check your online marketing agency is doing their work which will tell you two things. Mainly if you have a marketing agency working on your SEO campaign, to check if they are actually doing the work you are paying them to do. Secondly, if you have a website, you can check whether it is optimised or not.

What to do to improve your brand awareness online?

There are several ways in which you can build your online presence, increase your positioning in search engine rankings and drive visitors to your website to increase sales. The first area to consider is to get your website optimised for search engines, for the keywords you want to be found for. So, if you offer “SEO Services” in Worthing, then you can find out that on average in the past 12 months, how many times that particular keywords has been searched. So for the keyword “web design Spain” there are 90 searches monthly, with medium amount of competition. Using the Keyword Planner Tool by Google you can find out many other keyword phrases to use on your website.

For instance, again, if you are a web designer, based in Worthing, wanting to target the design market, using the keywords “web designer covering Worthing” might sound great BUT on average over the previous 12 months, nobody has searched for that. SO it is not worth adding to your website on the off chance that somebody will. It is far better to optimise your website with high volume ranking keywords with low competition, as you will then appear in more searches by qualified visitors, thus enabling you to increase leads and sales.

SEO Campaigns

The next part to consider is an ongoing campaign for search engine optimization. If you initially optimise your site, that’s not game over. Whilst you will start to rise in search engine rankings, if you do not continue this work, you will come to a stop and then as others work to over take you , or just continue their campaigns, your site will start to drop down the rankings. If you do get to number 1 in Google, there are no guarantees that you will but you will then be in the target seat. Other website owners or Masters, will then work to take your place from you, ensuring you again, slip down the rankings. The aim of the game, in SEO terms, is to get a website onto the first page of Google, ideally top spot, the coveted No.1 in Google for your chosen keywords, that people actually use in search engines. See this information on rankings and what position is best, and why Page 2 in Google is not worth being on!

What we like you to take from this article is the following:

89% of internet users use Google.

94% of internet searches use organic search and 6% use Google Adwords (to of the page or side bar)

Of those 91.5% actually only looked on the first page.

Position 1 in Google on the 1st page, 18.2% of the clicks received, in Position 2, 10%, Position 3, 7%.

Whilst the top of Page 2, got more hits than being lower down that page.

Also if you get to the coveted 1st in Google, you should expect 32% of all traffic to click on your site. This reduces to 17% for position 2, and 11.4% on position 3, sliding down to 2.5% for the bottom of the page.

Organic Search

So, getting a website found organically in search results will increase your visitors numbers, leads and sales.

Another method of increasing visitor numbers is via Paid Search, which Google Adwords is a type. We offer an explanation of these services on our website but these types of paid advertising can be expensive. They do work, Google gets the majority of its income from Adwords but done incorrectly can be costly.

For instance, you still require your website to be correctly and fully optimised. The Quality Score of each advert and campaign in Google Adwords is not adversely effected. The quality score of a campaign indirectly affects the bid price, the amount you pay if somebody clicks on your advert. If your website is not correctly optimised, your quality score could be low, for instance, a Quality Score of 4, will be paying DOUBLE for the bid price over that of a Quality Score of 8.

 Social Media Helps Search Engine Rankings

The whole purpose of social media is to drive traffic (visitors) to your website. These are powerful visitors, they already know what you do. They are QUALIFIED visitors. So start using social media to promote your blogs, your articles, your news, your pages, your website. Start building your social media member pages with full of content, links to your website. Link your website to your social media member pages. Use Google+ first, then look into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here are some tips for using social media:

–          Fill out each members page 100%

–          Promote your social media pages across traditional marketing

–          If you have a restaurant or bar – take photos of busy evenings, parties etc.

–          IF you supply printed T-shirts – ask customers to send in pics of them wearing your shirts.

–          Use images – they aremore likely to be shared

–          Use the same TONE throughout

–          Ask QUESTIONS – encourage participation

–          Post regularly

–          Use Hootesuite or similar – Scheduling software

–          BUT also post often manually, as scheduled posts look that.

–          Ask questions to invoke opinions – not too often!

–          Respond FAST and POLITE to any complaints, questions etc.

–          Be current/up to date

–          Trending

–          Write SHORT, SNAPPY and include an IMAGE

–          1 in 4 posts, LINK back to your website

–          Interact with others, SHARE or ReTweet information

–          Do NOT SELL, SELL, SELL

–          Join Groups – for example – Business in Worthing.

–          Answer questions, point to more information on your website with a link

–          Become an authority figure, by being professional and knowledgeable.

Drive Visitors

I hope these tips will help you initially with social media and to drive qualified visitors to your website. Also by following these tips, people will share your posts, thus creating important backlinks to your website. Backlinks are forms of trust in the eyes of search engines, thus increasing your ranking positions.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

Once a website has started to rank, even achieved number 1 in Google for your niche market place, you have to maintain that position. It’s like driving a car, you need to keep filling it up with fuel to keep going places! SEO is not something you can just turn off. Once you reach that top spot, others will now want that position from you! They will step up their campaigns, even copying what you have done and just do that much extra. Once you start climbing the rankings, others again will notice you, the competition mainly! They will increase their online and offline marketing, thus making it harder, requiring more work for your speed of ascent.

Example of Traditional Marketing 

Another example would be the old fashioned Yellow Pages method of advertising. You added your company in the book for a year, and then had to renew it again the next year. Just another method of advertising.

Am initial digital marketing campaign is required for the initial website start up, design and build. Then a dedicated ongoing  campaign is needed rise in the rankings. You need to continually promote your brand to old and new customers.

Finally, all of this information is important if you want visitor numbers, leads and sales to come from your website. We appreciate it is hard work, hence why agencies like us at Retriever Digital are here to help. Our expertise from over 10 years of experience will increase your rankings, your brand awareness and improve your sales. Contact us via our SEO contact page for further help.

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