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Having a website alone will not guarantee that you will get visitors to your site, having no visitors, means zero leads and no sales. What type of business can survive on no sales? Have a great looking website also will not get you visitors. This is where an online marketing agency or SEO agency knowledge and ability comes into their own.

All websites needs online marketing.

Any website needs to be Google friendly, it needs to be able to be found in search engines by its own merit or organic searches. What we mean here is if somebody searching for your products and services does not know your company name or website address, what words will they use in Google to find you?

For example:

If you sell bicycles and are based in Brighton, an online searcher will probably input into Google something like “bicycles Brighton” or “Bikes for sale in Brighton”.

If your website does not have these or similar words in the areas in which Google’s search engine will look for, then you will have no chance of getting found in Google’s search engine and appear in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Online Marketing Agency Services

First things first: Any agency worth its money will optimise a website so that it can get found in search engines. They will optimise (manipulate certain areas of a site) and edit these areas so that keywords will be entered, to match those looking for the site. A good agency will also add your site (and branded) to all your social media. They will also add and edit content so that this to can get optimised and then be found or shared online.

An agency will charge good marketing money for this work, so it should, it is a specialist market place and hard work goes into keeping up to date with a fast changing industry, actually making edits to websites and then using time consuming methods to ensure that the website increases in rankings and then maintains the high positions it achieves.

How do you check that your marketing agency is doing their work?

1. Ask another agency to check your site!

Whilst this might not be popular, why pay somebody to NOT do the work you are paying. Would it not be better to pay somebody that will, that can!? For instance, call Retriever on 01903 791660 or for a no obligation, FREE website audit and report.

2. Use this check list to see if work has been completed:

First – Right click on any part of a page, preferably your Home Page. A small window opens, click on VIEW PAGE SOURCE – which then opens another new window.

This is the computer coding for that particular page, do not worry, you cannot edit or change the code! Then click Ctrl + F, this will open a small window and here you can enter the words in bold on each bullet point below:

  • TITLE tags
  • These should include your main keywords – those words that people will search for your services.
  • Each page should be different.
  • Should NOT include HOME, or just the company name.
  • This should be about 70 characters long.
  • DESCRIPTION meta tags
  • This area should have a description of what your website or business offers.
  • Each page should be different.
  • This should be about 180 characters long.
  • ALT text – Actually enter ALT=” – this is the image information.
  • This area should be descriptive of each image. So an image of a bicycle on a bike site could be “bike brand 28″ wheels BMX”
  • Each image should be different.
  • Heading tags – Actually enter H1 – this information should have a keyword (see above) not “Welcome” or “Contact Us”
  • Each page should have only ONE H1 tag.

This basic information should be the first information that ANY SEO agency should edit first, before they even start on social media, writing blogs, taking your second invoice payment!!!

Other Checks your agency should have completed.

Simple edits to your website should be completed and checked by your agency, this include but are not the complete lists:

  • Go to your home page, click on the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.)
  • These should open your social media member’s page in a new window/tab.
  • This is so that if they close the social media window/tab down, your website is still open.
  • From your home page and ANY page, click on all the links.
  • Make sure the pages links, opens without issue.
  • Any links to OFF your website, say a REVIEW SITE, ensure that this again opens a new window/tab.
  • From your home page, click on ANY page of your website.
  • Then click on the HOME tab, to take you to the HOME PAGE.
  • If the URL, the website address is anything different than say and is something like, then this indicates a DUPLICATE page and is VERY bad for your site, in the eyes of Google! Duplication of content is a serious issue.
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OK, so here we have 7 checks that anybody can do to any website to see if it has been optimised for getting found in search engines.

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If you need any more help, please do contact us via our contact form or call a real person on 01903 791660.

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