Content marketing refers to the creation of informative, original, insightful, shareable content.

This content is written and added to your website or social accounts with the end result of driving visitors to your site, increasing your online profile and ultimately driving sales.

This could be in the form of quality blogs which provide useful information to your peers or customers, ensuring you are seen as an industry expert and opinion leader in your field. It could be quality content which appears on your website. It can also refer to shareable social media posts which offer insights into your industry. It could also refer to articles with are shared on relevant industry sites, or perhaps an email newsletter.

In fact, it is everything which you write which will appear publicly online. Digital marketing in 2015 is about creating content which is so useful or insightful that others want to share it. It’s about being current, keeping up with industry trends and writing about them in an informed manner.

Working with you, we will create quality content based on your particular field. We can also act in an advisory manner to ensure the content you produce portrays your company in the best possible light. Be an industry leader, not a follower.

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  • Writing the Content

    The first step is for us to learn about your industry and what will interest people about your business offering. With these findings we will write engaging, targeted and informative content.

  • Adding the Content

    Next we will add the content to your website and ensure it is fully optimised to stand the best chance of being found organically online.

  • Promoting the Content

    We will then promote your content across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to make sure it has a wide reaching online presence.

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