A professional, comprehensive digital marketing campaign is not just about driving visitors to your site, it’s about driving the right visitors to your site.

It’s not about getting your site onto page 1 of Google search results against all costs, it’s about ensuring that the right people have been made aware of your online presence. This isĀ Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Higher visitor numbers sound great of course, but if those visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they will almost certainly leave, never to return. A visitor yes, but not a sale or conversion. This risks not only a rise in your bounce rate, but a possible fall in your rankings. Google wants to match the right people to the right site, it positively encourages it, but it needs help.

This is why we work to understand your business, Who is your target audience? What is their gender? How old are they? What are their buying habits? We will then analyse every aspect of your site to ensure that once targeted users have found it , they continue to purchase/convert. More importantly still, we want them to become repeat visitors. By setting goals we can identify areas which require further work and track conversions. This means the campaign is entirely bespoke, addressing the very specific needs of your company.

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  • Analysis

    The first step is to analyse results gleaned from your website and social media accounts. We can then draw up a plan of action and a timetable of works.

  • See the Changes

    Using the analytical data available to us, we will make changes t your site to ensure we retain visitors while reducing your bounce rate.

  • Reporting

    We will ensure that once visitors have found your site, they proceed to make a purchase or enquire about your services. We will then report all findings.

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