Does social media for business actually work


Does social media for business actually work……


Why am I asking this simple question “Does social media for business actually work?” – you read article after article about social media, you have to be using it, you have to be on it and  you’ll get lots of leads and visitors to your website from using social media. But do you?

Think about it, who is actually on social media?

Mainly it’s people trying to sell you things – and people showing what they do, but businesses online are try to sell you something or their service.

Why are you on social media? Not you the business, but you the person?

You are probably on social media showing your friends what you are up to, or being curious to see what they are doing?! Am I right? What you probably are NOT doing on social media is looking to buy anything!

So how does social media for business work?

There you are watching television, or not, and on your phone or tablet. Most probably looking at Facebook – who in the right mind goes on to any other social media platform in their spare time? Not even considering business time, nobody but marketers go on social media in the business day, people are just too busy!! …. So, you are on “social media” and what do you NOT want to see – a business trying to sell you something! Unless its a nice new dress, a pair of shoes, that handbag, a vouchers for a restaurant, cafe, a day out………. OK, ok so social media does work!!

But does it work for all businesses?

So we can see here that social media does work for some businesses – B2C – Business to Consumer. These do work, and they work well. So many people are on Facebook now a days, and they respond well to adverts – so social media and especially social media marketing works. These work well if there is a great picture, showing people having fun or a nice looking lady in a dress, you got the idea – something that grabs your attention and desire!

So if you are in the B2C market place, then you just need to be on social media and using Facebook ads. Agreed?

We have found from our experiences that Facebook ads provide one of the best returns on investment possible. The ads are able to be shown to fans of your competitors, those with similar interests to your products/services and you can quite easily target on locality and gender, age etc. Set up correctly, Facebook ads works well.

Business to Business social media

So does social media work for B2B – Business to Business – after all, people own businesses, so is it really B2B or is it B2C again?

It should work, based on the principles above. However, who wants to read a blog article on how to do something better, or how a business helped another (case study) – well, business owners, or those within a business who want tot need to do better.

Business people just don’t switch off, or not become “non-business people” when they are not at work. And show me a business owner who can switch off after work hours? A business owner is quite literally “always working”.

So for a B2B (now a B2C target) social media does work too. Even if they see a post on Facebook that shows interest, gets the juices flowing, encourages you to read more…. even for a later date; then social media works.

Again Facebook ads are worth exploring for B2B clients.

Do all social media platforms work?

What about other social media platforms, do these work well? If so, who are they best for?

Let’s look at LinkedIn – surely a must for any business. After all, as we have agreed above, people run businesses, or work in businesses. LinkedIn is not only a CV platform anymore, it has grown into probably the number one business networking site and does work well for introducing people to business services and products.

Do LinkedIn ads work?

Personally I have found them to be expensive and with little return on investment.

However, if you were to use LinkedIn purely for posting great articles, like this, then ensure you use good eye catching images, and usually topics that are thought encouraging and provocative do well. They draw in the reader to open up discussion. These generally lead to make connections, which if these are your target customers, you can later use email marketing, or personal message to invite further discussion on your services or products.

Twitter for business 

Twitter is an oddity, it’s a bit like Marmite, you either love it or ……! Is it good? How many followers do you have? How often do you post? 140 characters, not a lot can be said in that short message and usually it involves a link to a website.

We have almost 12,000 followers, over two accounts (my personal one @solutionsseo) and we post 3-5 times daily, and have we had any business from Twitter – I cant say we have.  Twitter is so fast, you really have to be on it to see anything of interest and then if you blink, its gone! Twitter ads – now they might work, for getting more followers – but costly! We have tried Twitter ads and to be honest, once again, have found them to be quite pointless.

Pinterest and Instagram

Now these two platforms can be amazing for business. Not all but certain ones – goods. B2C goods – art, clothing, and certain services to like – kitchens, bathrooms, home decor, interior design etc. But would it be good for heavy goods, a brick works, a car mechanic or an accountant?

Why do these work so well for some and not all?

People are intrigued and curious of how others live, and so photographs that are easily shared, with links to the relevant website are so powerful. Humans like to look good and in their environment too. So personal gifts, clothing, shoes, watches work really well and photos of kitchens, decor, art etc. entice us to look further and the impulse to buy is strong. Also, these platforms shows you how many others have liked or shared the images, so people like to be part of a following but individuality also shines and so people can easily like, share, save and then visitor the website that the product is on. And with ecommerce, it is so easy to purchase, impulse purchase that these sites are well worth considering to use.

Pinterest and Instagram ads are well worth investing in. Especially if you sell something that looks great, has that wow factor, and that just the image does all the selling!!

From our experience we have found that these produce an excellent return on investment.

Not all social media platforms are relevant or ideal for all businesses. 

So far we have, hopefully you agree with me, that social media works. It works only for those that the business is relevant to.

So, why social media is not relevant?

It depends on the business you are in. Is Reddit worthy for a trade, an accountant? Is Twitter worthy of a tradesman? Who actually uses Twitter for business?

Is Twitter just one of those social media platforms that people feel almost bullied into using? LinkedIn works well for B2B, hardly worth adding anything B2C – unless it’s business orientated – coaching, recruitment, accountants, business to business services – but is LinkedIn worth using for a clothing business, a local tradesman (plumber/electrician/gardener etc.)

Is it worth looking at social media and work out which ones are relevant to YOU and ditch those that are not?

Save your time, effort and stress by concentrating on those that work.


Not all social media platforms are suitable or relevant for all businesses.

Do not just use all social media because some “guru” says you should use them. Ask them, WHY?

For the right business social media marketing works, Facebook ads are probably the best out there!


Do you agree with the above? Would love to hear your comments.

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