Ecommerce tips for a successful Christmas and New Year 2018

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E-commerce tips for a successful Christmas and New Year – next year!

With Christmas fast approaching, how can you make this festive period successful for your online business? Here we talk about promotion of your online store but also for any business that has an online presence.


For some, Christmas has already been booked, ordered and paid for months ago but what about all the others that are leaving to the end of November pay packet or credit cards and last minute purchasing?

More and more people are reaching for their mobile devices when surfing the internet to research and buy their gifts online. For some they must have it there and then, others are going to spend hours researching the best deals. Whilst often this is not best on their time and stress, they want that bargain!

Being found online is key to many if not all businesses, even the High street shops now need a digital presence. The small to large high street businesses, an online presence can be the trigger to a profitable Christmas. This is especially for those that have not the time to buy or who have seen what you have on offer whilst family shopping on a manic Saturday and then return online to make that all important purchase.

So what can you do in your business to ensure successful sales for Christmas 2018?

1. Optimise your website for Christmas

Whilst for some this might be too late for 2017, as a good site optimised might take 3-4 months to start seeing improved rankings. However, this is important to ensure your goods are found.

What to look out for when optimising your site:

Make sure you use the manufacturer’s version. If you know you are the cheapest for this product, then this will get your products found by those bargain hunters. However, to stand out from all the others, make sure your product is using bespoke content about the product. Do not use what the supplier has sent you, just like all the other sites will use! How will Google know you are different and better?

TITLE tags are within Google’s desired character length – 55-65 characters should be ok.

The description tag is manually written and to no more than 160 characters. You want this to be engaging to the Google searcher. In search page results you want your page to jump out to the searcher. ENGAGE with them to ensure they click on YOUR site as opposed to your competitors’ sites.

Images are correctly named, ALT TEXT labelled and images are not too large. If your images are too large, this results in a slow download. Most online searchers are using mobile devices now. You know the situation, “watching” Eastenders or I’m a Celebrity… but really online searching for what to buy – or adding to your present wish list!

Keywords research – festive keywords used for Christmas shopping could be different from those you use all year round. You might need to change some, add some new keywords. It is best to know what people are searching for, to manipulate your website to be found by those searching for your products/services.

For instance “Christmas Jumpers” “Christmas Novelty Socks” – probably not keywords you would use to attract visitors to your site in the middle of Spring or Summer.

2. E-commerce tips – Social Media

Ramp up your social media posting. Promote what you offer. If you are selling services – write blogs about what you can do for people. Not how good you are, people expect that you are in business, selling your services!! Write about your services, including case studies – SHOW what you are capable of! You might be an event organiser, so are many others – SHOW what you have done, can do and importantly use photos to prove your point!

If you sell products, use photographs in your posts to show what quality your products are. Maybe to include a price, or don’t  – it’s up to you but not showing the price will drive visitors to your website! If you are confident of being the cheapest, show the price!

3. E-commerce tips – Social Media Paid Ads

One excellent way of getting your posts, blogs, case studies etc. seen by many more than just those who follow you is Facebook Ads. Yes, you’ve got to pay for them. Free Facebook business marketing is almost over. These are very powerful adverts, you can direct these to your target audience, based on age, sex, geographic location and more. One great way is to target your competitor’s friends!! Bet you didn’t know that!

This can be straightforward to set up but can be more effective to use an experienced social media marketing company. Even with their costs, their experience means that you might get a better return on your budget.

4. E-commerce tips – Pay Per Click

Google Adwords works. It is the only way Google get’s its money. So it has to work. You might not click on the ads yourself but you can bet your bottom dollar that lots of people do. You might have “wasted” a lot of money in the past on this BUT was it set up correctly? Did you have enough budget for an effective winning campaign? Try it again but use a professional pay per click company to set it up and run it for you.

I know a chocolate promotional company that spends £4,000 per month on Adwords. They do it because it works. They make more than enough money, profit, to spend this each month. Their business is growing. They also are found on the first page of Google – thanks to our work!  😉

4. E-commerce tips – Reviews

It might be a little late but in time for next year, not only Christmas, get reviews. There are many sites where you can leave reviews, a good place is Google. If you have set up your site’s optimisation correctly and using Google My Business – you’ll see reviews there. Facebook is another search engine that you can have reviews on. Depending on what your business is, there are other sites you can use feefo, tripadviser and trustpilot. Some do charge but Google is free and that should be used at least bare minimum!

Facebook is a great place to leave reviews – friends of friends can see these and they are more “personal” as if a recommendation.

5. E-commerce tips – Other Search Engines

What other search engines can you use? Hopefully, you have heard of Pinterest, Amazon, Etsy, Instagram? Excellent, if not check them out. Add all your products to these alternative search engines. Read how one person fitted our their new home without using Google! They were able to search for products using these sites – the businesses had used search engine optimisation, not Google optimisation. Sounds impossible eh but if you can add your products – and services, check out our Pinterest page – to these sites, you are expanding your branding. Links are important to Google in how they rank you, so adding your products/services etc. to these sites can only help. They are not high ranking links, but Google themselves say any link (not spam though) helps.

6. E-commerce tips – Remarketing or Retargeting

Have you seen those adverts that seemingly follow you around?

Scenario – you search the internet for a pair of shoes, or a service, say Garage door servicing – and visit that site. Stay a couple of minutes, look around and think that you’ll come back later and shop further. Check out the competition.  Then as you check out other sites, go to Facebook or Google search again – one of those company’s adverts is in your face! That company has paid either Google or say Adroll to send adverts where you might go. They are dependent on your cookies or IP address – clever eh?! BUT they work. People are reminded of their visits, especially (usually if set up correctly) if they have NOT purchased. These adverts work well for that subliminal advertising. Keeping your brand in front of your customers. Facebook also have this service!

7. E-commerce tips – Content

Don’t forget content, Google often advises Content is King. What they mean is make sure your visitors know within 8 seconds, what your business does. But also, it tells Google what you do. Optimisation works but so does content. If you offer the newest niche product, shout out about it, what it does and why people need it. If you offer services, again content, content and more content. Think about Case Studies, FAQs, Recipes, News…. and more!

So – if you have the time now, before Christmas to grab a slice of this huge opportunity, then get to work fast. You have to spend, market yourself, brand your business and get found online.

We can obviously help, we have the expertise and knowledge to make sites get found online. We welcome interest from anyone, via email or fill in our contact form and we’ll call you back or call 01903 521024 and speak to a Retriever.

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