Email marketing is continuing to increase in popularity.

Email Marketing can be in a number of forms. A popular choice is an informative newsletter about your latest company updates. Other choices can be a selection of new products, your most popular blogs over the last month, an exciting sales promotion, or all of the above. There really are no limits to what you can involve in an email marketing campaign.

Retriever will set up and manage your email marketing campaign. Data can either be purchased on your behalf or your own data can be used. Retriever can develop the campaign, put together the newsletter and send it out on our dedicated email servers. We will carry out regular list maintenance to ensure that your emails are getting through to the right people.

We will monitor how successful each mailshot is, and we will provide regular analytics data. Ourr goal is always to meet or exceed industry standard click through rates.

Why use email marketing

The reason why you use email marketing is your decision. As a general rule of thumb the following reasons can be found:

  • To increase sales.
  • Raise awareness of your product.
  • Raise awareness of your service.
  • Increase awareness of your charity.
  • Cement your position as thought leaders in your field.
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Email Marketing

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  • Let Us Do All The Work

    We will create your campaign and send out the emails. We will monitor results, make necessary changes, and report results.

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