Facebook Ads Do NOT Work

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“Of course, Facebook ads do not work, there are too many people using Facebook ads.”

“And who looks at them anyway?!”

“People go onto Facebook to socialise, they don’t want to be sold to, promoted, see ads left, right and centre!”

“How can Facebook ads surely work?”

“Yeah, agreed, I’ve tried Facebook ads and got zilch in return!”

“I never click on ads in Facebook, so why should my customers?”

Why don’t Facebook ads work?

These are just some of the excuses we hear when talking to potential clients about using effective Facebook ads for their business.

People often have tried boosting a post for such a low budget, to such a wide audience that it’s almost impossible for Facebook to show their ads. So they do not work! Agreed.

Let’s look at this in a little more detail:

Facebook Ad Budget

Consider going to a national newspaper and asking them to post your advert in their paper. Your budget is £10. The newspaper has national coverage and limited pages. So how big do you think your ad would be, to warrant the paper including in their print?

Now increase that budget. Now concentrate the

BUT advertising on Facebook does work. Our experience shows us this. We have an ad spend of over £500,000 and returning clients, so we KNOW it works, our clients wouldn’t signup for 6-month contracts if they weren’t happy!

Our dentist, lawyers and business coach clients are seeing their leads costs at around an average of £10 per lead, some are as low as £7 a lead.

So Facebook ads do work. 

Facebook is soon to be running out of space for the placement of ads, it is getting so popular because it works!

Due to Facebook’s algorithm changes, only high quality ads will be shown, competition is getting fierce.

So, if Facebook are going to favour anyone for placing ads, it will be for those with a proven experience in producing ads that work.

Facebook Campaign Contracts

Yes, 6 to 12-month contracts, for our Facebook ad campaigns. Longer if you wish. Our experienced team provide all content, setting up of the ads, images and management. We do not just write one ad, like our £300 monthly management agency competitors might. We add as many as we need to make your campaigns effective.

Facebook Campaign Management Costs

Campaigns take up a lot of time. Time costs.

There are Facebook agencies charging £300 per month and others charging £20,000. We are nowhere near that high-end cost but they do not do anything different from what we charge. You can gather that our costs are higher than the low end too. This is mainly due to the work we do, each and every month to provide highly effective, low lead cost generation.

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