Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a powerful marketing medium. It is the most used social media platform in the World. Where 1 in 3 of your target audiences uses on a daily basis.

Facebook has changed its algorithms and continues to do so to limit the reach of your posts to increase the use of paid advertising. To target your key customers using demographics and mobile advertising we use Facebook advertising paid ads. This increases the reach of posts, competitions quality content and articles; to increase awareness of your social media pages and drive qualified visitors to your website.

Facebook ads, using targeted promotional ads or promotional posts to increase awareness of your social media works. By using your Facebook friends – you can drive personal referrals for your business. Promoting your products and services to increase your customer base and increase sales.

Lead generation and sales are proving to be a cost-effective solution for your business. Get into your potential client’s PC or mobile device using targeted posts, aimed at your clients. Email marketing open rates have plummeted, social media is growing. Harness the power of Facebook ads today.

To find out more about paid Facebook advertising, contact a Retriever on 01903 791660. Or fill in our Facebook adverts form.

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