Why ONLY having a Facebook business page is not good enough


Do you ONLY have a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page for a business alone, is just not good enough to attract new customers. Every business needs a website. Every business needs a website as well as social media and other marketing techniques to really make any business successful.

A lot of businesses are also using Facebook as a person page, IF and WHEN Facebook find out about this, they will delete the page and you will lose all your contacts, posts etc. and not be able to get it back. Another reason just why having a Facebook page

Why ONLY a Facebook page will not get you found online!

Do you use an internet ready device? A desktop computer, mobile device – a mobile phone, tablet, ipad, or a laptop to search for business services or products online? Yes?

Do you use Facebook to search for businesses or services? NO. And neither will your potential customers!

All internet users will use a search engine to find a website for services or products they are looking for. Even if they know of the company, the will use a search engine to look for that company. Google is the number one search engine in the world, over the past 5 years, Google has consistently been the top provider for people looking or searching on the internet with an average of 90% of the search engine traffic coming via Google.

So, just having a Facebook page for your business will not get found in search engines by 99% of your potential customers. People do not search Facebook for products or services when more powerful information is at their finger tips by using Google to search for what they want.

Having a Facebook Business page is good.

Having a Facebook business page is good for business though. It is an excellent tool to drive visitors to your website where you can better manage your products and services information in one simple site. Facebook just is not set up to clearly manage your information so that visitors can easily and more importantly quickly, find what they are looking for. Time is the essence in 2014, people want to find information FAST, EASILY and then act on that information, whether it is to BUY something, ORDER something or VISIT the business premises – to EAT for instance.

Facebook is like a one page website, with hundreds of posts that require timely scrolling to find what they want. There are too many tabs and they are not clear enough to hold all your relevant information. Facebook is starting a “BUY NOW” button for their shop products but if the post with the product on is missed in the viewers timeline, this is a possible missed opportunity.

Why a business website is most important

  • Can be found in search engines
  • Find information FAST
  • Find information EASILY
  • Quality content in one place
  • More information in one site
  • Contact details easily found
  • Easy to edit
  • One source of information
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Link to ALL your social media

A website is an excellent tool for any business.

A good well designed website can be found in search engines, can direct visitors to find information easily and FAST. A well designed website can sell products at the touch of a finger tip. You can create quality content and edit it fast. A website can engage with visitors better than a Facebook page, where visitors can easily be distracted by posts that others have added and go off your page very easily.

A website can capture an audience with call to actions (CTAs) – these are methods of driving visitors to do things, to get them to provide their contact details for a coupon or a voucher or guide them to a BUYING page. Even if the visitor moves off the directed page, clever pops can be installed to ask the user if they are sure they want to leave, for instance they might have started the buying process and clicked off the page by mistake. This could have been a lost sale but the pop up will remind the buyer of their possible mistake.

Google Adwords do not link to Facebook but only to a website, so if your business really needs visitor numbers to sell a special product or service, just having a Facebook business page will not work.

A website is so much more powerful than that of a Facebook business page alone.

Why is a website easier to find in search engines?

Search engines are geared towards finding websites. That’s what they are designed for and do every day.

However, a good Facebook business page name CAN get found in search engines BUT once found it has a limited amount of information. Where as a website should be designed and developed to be found in search engines for the products and services you offer.

A web designer and SEO specialist uses special areas within every website to target the areas that search engine look. These then get matched to the search inquiry made online and then depending on how well this match is and the quality of content, trust within the site from search engines, links, shared content and the design – depends on how highly ranked the site is in search engine results.

To rank highly in search engine results, there are many factors to consider, these include:

  • Page Speed – how fast the website loads
  • Quality of Content – Not just the quality written but the quantity too
  • Linking to and from other sites
  • Shared content
  • Ease of navigation
  • Bounce Rate – what percentage of people view the site and then leave the site within a minute or so. Thi sis possibly due to the wrong information expected.
  • Keywords in key areas – Title tags, Description tags, Heading tags, Content
  • Design

The design of a website is not just the LOOK, the visual aspect of the site but also how it performs. Other issues should consider how fast it loads and easy to navigate. How well it is optimised for search engines.


Whilst it is important for any business to have a social media presence, which includes having a Facebook business page as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, to name but a few; a website is so much more powerful. Website are better found in search engines and can have a larger amount of content than any Facebook business page. This is important for the massive, and ever growing online search enquiries on mobile devices.

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