Google Analytics…such a small word which covers such a huge area.

Over the past five years, digital marketing has become more and more about making tweaks, or indeed large-scale changes to your digital marketing plan, in order to increase conversions. In fiercely competitive industries, any changes which could tempt targeted visitors to your site, and more importantly, keep them there, have become an important part of any digital marketing plan. Google analytics is a major service to manage.

Analytical information either from your website or your social media accounts can give us so much valuable information. For instance, in terms of your target audience we need to establish the following: who are your visitors, where are they geographically, what is their gender and age? What are their interests and buying habits? When are they most likely to be online? Do they use a PC or a mobile device etc.

In terms of analytics regarding your website, information such as how many visitors are finding your site, how are they finding it? Which words do they use? Which social media platform have they found it on? How many pages to they look at and for how long? What is the bounce rate for your website? How many links do you have and from where? How mobile friendly is your site? Which are your best-performing pages….the list goes on and on.

Armed with this information we can establish a plan of action in terms of both changes to your website and your social media activity. Perhaps there are technical errors on your site or SEO issues? Perhaps you have large visitor numbers but an equally large bounce rate.  Maybe you are active on social media but at the wrong time?


There are so many areas which can be improved using this vitally important information, and it can be the basis of an in-depth digital marketing campaign which will improve your digital presence and will give you the edge over your competitors in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Retriever will use this analytical data to prepare a short and long-term plan for your online business activity. Goals can be created, and measurable results can and will be achieved.

If you would like to know more about our Analytics service give us a call on 01903 791660 or fill in the simple form on our contact ius page.

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  • Let Us In To Your Analytics

    Firstly we will need access to your Google Analytics and your Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Don't panic if you do't have these, we can set them up for you.

  • Leave Us To Analyse

    We will look into all of the data in your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts and come up with a detailed plan of your website is currently performing and how it could improve.

  • We Send You The Data

    Once we have analysed your website and come up with short and long term plans for the work needed we will send you a detailed report full of suggestions and ideas to improve your site.

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