Have You Tried Doing This With Your Lead Generation Forms?

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Lead generation forms are the key element in capturing leads from your website.  There are countless ways to bring in leads. That being said, there are certain approaches to gathering information about your leads which can help you bring them in more efficiently. One of these ways is through implementing lead generation forms on your website. Lead generation forms are an easy way to collect information about your leads, in a way that won’t take up too much of their time.

But, have you tried doing these with your lead generation forms?

Alter the Questions on Your Form

Most companies have a lead generation form on their site. Something that asks for the lead’s name, email, and perhaps what brought them to the site in the first place. Have you seen these before? Better yet, do you use one on your site? If you do, then that’s great. But, if you’re finding that your general form isn’t yielding too many entries, then try changing what kinds of questions you ask on the form.

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Is the Form Necessary to Enter the Site?

Some websites require that a form gets completed in order for the person to access the rest of the site. For most people, this is extremely frustrating, and more likely to turn away the lead altogether. If someone is coming to your site just to get a look at something, they don’t want to be hounded right from the beginning. Give the lead some space to check out their options before they give you their personal information.

The Location of Lead Generation Forms on Your Site

You know what they say! “Location, location, location.” Where you decide to put your lead generation forms on your site can really determine how effective the form is.

If you’re having trouble bringing in leads, then maybe it’s time to move your form to one of these places.

  • Pop ups: These show up when you first land on a website. Are they annoying? Sometimes. But, if you do right with your wording, then you’ll be surprised how many leads you’ll bring in this way.
  • Embedded forms: This form location is embedded in a specific area of the website, such as a blog post. Though they might not bring in as many leads, the leads they will bring in, tend to be more qualified.
  • Scroll boxes: These lead generation forms appear when you scroll down to a certain point on the page, like the end of an article.
  • Top bar: This is a lead generation form that’s on the top bar of the page. It will usually follow the reader down as they scroll, but stay at the top.
  • Sidebar: Though they don’t tend to bring in as many leads as scroll boxes or top bars, a sidebar location, which falls on either the right or left side of a web page, is still fairly effective at bringing in leads.
  • Landing pages: If a lead is directed to your site via a search engine, this would give them the opportunity to fill out a form if they really liked where their search took them.

Knowing where to place lead generation forms is one thing. But, being able to analyze your efforts and know whether or not they were effective, is another. Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how our marketing automation service can help you bring in more leads.

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