How to fully optimise your Google My Business listing

How to fully optimise your Google My Business listing

How to fully optimise your Google My Business listing and improve your local SEO

 How to fully optimise your Google My Business listing

Business owners are looking to be noticed online and quickly realising how competitive and challenging that is becoming. Chances are that most small business owners will have heard the term “Google My Business” or “SEO” before. With so many other businesses fighting for the same high positioning within Google, it is important to be found online.

If this all seems a bit too difficult, there are agencies that specialise in optimising aspects of your digital strategy such as your Google My Business listing. As with most things in life, there is no “one size fits all” method for improving SEO as a local business. One way, however, can almost guarantee an improvement in rankings and help bring in more business and exposure, Google My Business (GMB).

So, what exactly is Google My Business?

GMB is a branch of Google that is a giant, online hub for managing how a  business of any size performs in the search engine. A robust interface, GMB lets owners govern how their business displays within Google, along with their products, reviews, platforms, search engine results pages, and instant content.

There are no definitive ways that guarantee improvement with SEO, but there are a lot of different options and methods that can be implemented that have shown success in improving SEO via Google My Business.

First things first, a Business owner will need to set up their Google Business Listing. It is a straightforward process to do this. Go to Google’s My Business page and click “start now.” Fill out all relevant fields that Google requires. It is vital to make the profile as complete as possible and that all information is accurate and up to date.

Make sure to choose an appropriate category. Google chooses which listings show up in which searches. So the more accurate the category chosen, the more likely it will show up in Google listings and bring in more organic exposure.


Make your Google My Business listing beautiful.

Google My Business is limited in design options, unlike a social media profile. However, one thing that is possible to do is have quality, high-resolution images in the listing. Images can help make a listing stand out amongst a crowd. Using high quality, unique the images, the better the chances of engagement and exposure. The photos added to a listing are the first glimpse into what a customer can expect from a business, so if the images are blurry, unfocused, or don’t show off the critical aspect of the business, chances are, people are not going to want to visit.

Another option is to hire a Google-approved photographer to come in a create a 360-view tour of the business for potential customers to get an immersive experience when looking at the listing. Google has stated that listings with a virtual tour and photos generate up to twice as much interest than those without. In this case, it may be worth spending extra to get high-quality media to ensure the listing is reputable and catches the attention of a potential customer.


Get more visibility from third-party apps.

 Third-party apps and other services all rely on Google to gather information and create ads. When a Google listing is updated with correct information, there are higher chances that Google will take that information and send it to those third-party extensions. Complete listings increase the opportunity for Google share and categorise that business. Thus it will be more likely that it will show up in relevant local business searches.


Be consistent.

The last thing any business owner wants is to confuse their potential customers. Using inconsistent information via the web, will have a negative impact on the clarity and cause confusion to a customer. When a business owner keeps their GMB listing updated, it will almost guarantee consistent accuracy across the web. Having correct phone number, address, email, business’s name, etc., is vital to ensure customers are contacting the business at the correct times and getting the right idea of what your business has to offer.

A bonus tip that business owners should utilise is the ability to write out common questions along with answers and have them appear on Google Maps!


Encourage Reviews on your Google My Business page.

In today’s market, Google reviews can make or break a company. More times than not, an individual will purposefully look up a company’s reviews and use them to base their decisions on whether or not they will use that company. When a customer has a positive experience, ask them to share their experience to keep a high star rating online. Preferably a 5-star review! Be open and honest with customers about the impact reviews can have on your business. Consider even offering an incentive to anyone who leaves a review.


Use Insights.

Google’s business insights, or “analytics data” are some of the most competitive and deep-diving platforms on the market. They are completely customisable and can analyse any type of insights relevant to any business. Your marketing team can use those insights to improve their online presence to help boost reach and visibility.

Insight is a fantastic tool to use to get an in-depth perspective of customers. If insights are a foreign thing, no need to worry, Google has a ton of free courses any business owner can take to learn the ins and outs of how to best utilise insights to boost their business.


Keep your Google My Business listing up to date and don’t be afraid of change!

In today’s age, it is more important than ever to use various tools Google has to offer local businesses. Don’t run away from these tools because they are unfamiliar. Take advantage of the free courses offered. Endless research completed on the importance of Google My Business and don’t be wary of trial and error.

It is essential to stay up-to-date with current trends within the market and with Google’s host of new features. There are plenty of ways to ensure a business’s SEO works for them instead of against them.

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