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Inbound Marketing ExplainedUsing your sales team more effectively

It is getting more difficult to gain clients through traditional sales methods such as cold calling. Most companies now fully aware of the range of tactics used by cold callers to get through to the right people. It has become almost impossible to get a business decision maker on the phone through cold calling. Why do so many businesses still use cold calling methods? It is simply because they are unaware of the fact their website can become one of their biggest marketing assets. Using an inbound marketing campaign we can overcome cold call sales. Our article Inbound Marketing Explained helps mystify this subject.

Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing is the most effective way to gain new clients as it tracks how people move through your site and only marks them as good leads once they have completed certain actions you have set up. For example, your business you may have whitepapers or fact sheets on your site. Once a person or company downloads one of these they will enter your marketing funnel, they will then move up the funnel based on their actions on your site. Once they have completed all of the actions and reached the top of your funnel you are well aware that they have a strong interest in your business and services. This information can then be passed on to your sales team. This is a much more effective use of your sales teams time as the people they are calling have already shown a strong interest in what you offer.

An Inbound marketing framework can offer so many possibilities that it is hard to find another marketing method that can bring in more viable leads. You can track visitors to your site, create landing pages, forms, and emails. Email marketing enables you to direct your content to targeted potential clients. And with inbound marketing campaigns you can create automated programs which will run in the background. This saves time and effort, which equals money!

Here are the things we find the most useful when it comes to Inbound marketing campaigns:

Tracking the visitors to your website

Once you have added the code generated to your site you can begin to track all visitors and they will be automatically downloaded to your campaign. You are able to see where in the world they have visited your site from, how many pages on average each visitor to your site is looking at, how they found your site and much more. You can monitor whether the visitor is in your connections either via the software, LinkedIn or Google. Setting up alerts for that visitor or mark them as customers once converted.
You can also view other useful information such as the search terms visitors are using to find your site and the bounce rate of your site in this section which can be useful for improving your overall user experience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is probably the best feature of an inbound marketing campaign. You can send emails with links to your landing pages, whitepapers and case studies. This will then lead visitors to your site and help build trust with them. This can all be automated to go out when is suitable for you. Various branches can be added to segment people who carry out certain actions. These segments can then be targeted with suitable content. This feature saves you a huge amount of time and helps increase your contacts. These contacts will then move up your marketing funnel to eventually pass to your sales team. As new people are added to your lists they are automatically added to an automation program. Automation programs can be set it to run as often as you like.


This is probably one of the most important features of an inbound marketing campaign. Reports let you view all of the statistics related to activity within your account. We can look at website visit stats, Form and landing page stats and email stats to analyze how your campaign is performing.

There is a lot involved in an inbound marketing campaign. There is no doubt that it helps you to target the prospects who are the most likely to become customers. This saves your sales team a massive amount of time on wasted on cold calls. A despondent sales team will never be as effective as one who is consistently hitting targets. We’re not suggesting replacing your sales team. Just use them more efficiently. This will save time and help your business to become more profitable.

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