Is Facebook Lying about Facebook Page Reviews

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Is Facebooking telling untruths about Facebook page reviews?

And if so WHY?

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Have you noticed recently, that mysteriously your business pages are getting a ridiculous amount of page views? Have you seen the message appear in your notifications folder, only then to disappear?

You are not the only one, we have spoken to a loft of people recently, all noticing the same phenomenon.

What reasons are there for these fake high Facebook page reviews?

Well the main one is that as Facebook has become a public company, it needs income to pay their share holders. Ooooh cynical, I hear you shout, but imagine that you are a small business owner, and get a notification from Facebook that your page has had a lot of views. Wicked, you might shout, and they probably haven’t done much posting or promotion to it lately and if they promoted it a little bit – just imagine the amount of page views they’ll get then? Page views to the right posts could be valuable visitors to their website or business and an obvious increase in sales.

Fake page reviews = fake LIKES?

This is another idea floating around, have you noticed how poor Facebook promotions can be? You are a UK based business, so only want to get noticed by people living in the UK, as your business in London caters for local people, not really tourists etc. So when setting up Facebook paid promotions, either for a post or a page, you input into the country specific box – UK or England – you get the drift – and what appears to the be the most popular destination your new LIKES are coming from? Some where in India.

Now – this is NOT racism. Before you jump on that band wagon!

You have paid good money to Facebook to use their software to show your paid promotion to those LIVING in England. SO you get all these new LIKES and page reviews from them, as if!! BUT most small businesses will be happy with this new amount of people liking their Facebook page.

Have you noticed any notifications from Facebook advising of high page reviews of your business pages without any apparent justification?

Let us know………