Is Google the only search engine

google search engine

Google Search Engine, are there other search engines to considers?

All you hear now a days is Google this and Google that. Are there any other search engines out there and do they make a difference to your search results in … yes you got it Google.

The answers here are YES and YES.

Whilst Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, it is the most used and has the most sites on it. So what other sites are there? Well, if you look around the internet, you will see there are lots, hundreds even, one count got up to 270.

Here is a list of the most popular:

Whilst the list goes on and on, how can all these search engines exist? Why are there so many directories out there, both in print and online? The answer is simple, freedom of choice and not one hat fits all.

In the good old days, there used to be the Yellow Pages, a brick of  a directory, that only covered your local area or town, weighed a ton and listed near enough every business around. Then came along some others, like Thompsons and other regional paper directories and since the internet has evolved, many of these publication have either folded or gone online, and in some instances decreased their print editions (although growing again!) and have evolved online too.

Print directories have their niche market, and are available in print for the user to have on their desk – mainly down to a particular service or industry, for instance the covers the hospitality industry and Builder Space covers the Building Industry. So there are reasons why directories in print, still exist.

Other general business directories like:

Search engines are similar, they have their niche market share. Google has approximately 70% of the search market, whilst Yahoo and Bing have 20%. The rest of the 260+ search engines share the remaining 10% or so.

So how can all of these search engines exist?

They mainly exist from revenue from advertising and Google can advertise your sites, using Adwords, if they have partnership agreements with them. They also exist because not everyone wants to be the same, and want to use other companies, just like in business; why use BP all the time, when other oil companies are in business too?!

Can other search engines help with rankings in Google?


This is due to the trust that gets built up with search engines ranking you in their own algorithms, that then gets seen by Google’s algorithms. Also by having your sites able to be found across the internet, allows you to have quality links going to your site, another form of trust and ranking reasons.

All search engines exist for one reason – customers. They each want to provide quality information, in the form of websites, that match the search query used. Nobody will want to use a search provider that does not give them the results they want, and fast. Well, they wont use it many times!

How can I help my website rank higher?

By adding your website, business and listings to online directories AND to various search engines, you are increasing your chances of getting your site found. You still need to follow the main guidelines set for websites to rank well, mainly Google’s and Bing’s guidelines, as most search engines follow these. Just like in business, you got to see what your successful competitors are doing, and if doing well, copy it.


Ensure your website is optimised for Google and Bing.

Ensure you are able to get found in the top three search providers.

Add your website to others, especially relevant niche search engines.