Is it time to abandon Google Adwords and use SEO?

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Is Google Adwords worth investing in?

Google Adwords works. 

stencil-default-2There is no doubt that if you have the budget to throw money at Google Adwords or paid search, then it will bring you visitors to your website. Whether your visitors will buy from you is another story! Your customers decision to buy will depend on how your website has been built, structured, content and ease of navigation – but we digress!

The rise in popularity of Google Adwords Marketing could point to the success of the paid search machine or the rise of sales people badgering, promising and exaggerating the truth in how paid search advertising can work.

Adwords in particular is how Google mainly gets it’s revenue and it’s probably one of the largest companies on the planet – proof that what they do works.

But with a glitzy sales person on the phone, or in your office, telling you all this it is hard to not want to try it. So, you throw some money at your paid search campaign. Along with many, many more new customers, and old, that are sucked in to the sales patter.

What does this do to budgets? Well, you pay out for starters a large amount of cash for setting up the campaign. This is usually without considering the website – how that ranks, is optimised, its content, layout, navigation, keywords etc. Then have a monthly budget to manage the campaign AND a budget for clicks – Google advertising rates!

Increase users in Paid Search means one thing

With more and more people using paid search, this increases the spend required to make the campaign effectual. The more people bidding on a keyword, or phrase, pushes up the winning bid price. This ultimately will only make those campaigns funded by wealthy campaigners effective. Which  will ultimately push out those with lower budgets and making those poorer companies lose out.

Google is always changing the results pages, thus increasing the amount of positions that paid search results will show, pushing down the organic listings as their paid search customers fight over the highest positions. Whilst it is not always worth being the Top 1 or 2 positions in paid search, it is becoming more costly and thus less effective on a return on investment issue.

Is it time to use organic SEO?

Is it worth considering using search engine optimisation, SEO, digital marketing services to ensure your website is ranked or be found by those actively looking for your services/products? There is a difference!

Whilst SEO – or what ever you want to call marketing of a website, has it’s bad press – it does work. Yes there are only 10 places on the first page of the World’s largest search engine, as well as the second place – Bing – but without it, a website will not get found and even in paid search the website optimisation effects the bid price, which effects the positioning of your ad!

So – SEO is worth using. To enable many of the algorithms that Google uses to be effective for ranking signals. There are reports from Google that if you use paid search AND that your website is found on the first page, then you advert or website will get 20% more clicks. That alone is worth a lot of your budget spend!!

Stop Paid Search = No visitors

However, if you stop using SEO, stop optimising your content solely rely on paid search (of which Google Adwords is only one supplier) then you literally stop your content from being found other than that is being advertised in paid search adverts. So your case studies, blogs and FAQ (frequently asked questions) – all that content will be “hidden” form your intended or targeted customers.

Using SEO to optimise all this content, you will be opening up your business to many many more visitors; what will that do to your visitor numbers, rankings, enquiries and sales.

Getting your content found by people searching for it, will ultimately help target your content to those with a requirement or a problem that needs solving.

A big issue with only concentrating your marketing budget solely on paid search is that, if you turn it off, you turn off your marketing! No adverts, no rankings, no visitors, no sales.

Spread your marketing budget to include paid search AND SEO.

Why not use a 70:30 split, or 80:20 – ensure that your content can be found by those that distrust paid search adverts or to encourage more visitors to your website.

Is paid search a good fit for all?


Paid search also encourages people to buy there and then. Those wanting a haircut will click on a paid search ad. Those wanting to buy an air conditioning unit or lawn mower, will also click on the paid ads. Because they want to do something , like purchase something, there and then; almost immediately.

What happens if you want to match your content to people looking to solve a problem they have? For instance, you supply accounting services. If your website has an FAQ and a solutions (an answer) page, for that problem, will a paid search advert be worth or even able to be designed with the character limit in force; to match to people looking for that solution?

This is where the power of SEO comes into its own.

Using optimisation services for your content to be found by those actively looking for it, is the power of SEO. The knowledge that SEO experts have gained, will be worth more than your pay per click budget! Plus there are other search engines in the World that many people use other than Google. What you cry? Surely not. Have you considered Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more? People just do not always rely on “Google it” to find ideas, products and items to buy. See Search Engine Optimisation not Google Optimisation. 

Is Paid Search for Everyone?

No, paid search is not for everyone. It will not suit their budget, or even their products/services. Remember that as the sales of PPC campaigns in creases, the costs increase and the results will be fewer. For every good win win situation for using paid search, there will be many more lose lose situations.

It is the same for all types of marketing, whilst magazine advertising will suit some businesses, for others it will not.  Also print adverts might be too direct and not as powerful or effective. Consider all options, especially when looking at the return on investment results.

Conclusion – Paid search, SEO or Both

We offer paid search services! This article is not about not using paid search but the importance of using it as part of your marketing. Using it with SEO, making sure that you do not rely on the one, or the other, if your budget allows.

Retriever Digital offer SEO services too!

We propose for any business, is to use what ever tools that works for you but consider other options to mix in with your marketing. We definitely do not discourage paid search. Just as we encourage using magazine adverts, A boards, sandwich boards, press articles, van or car coverings! Just do not put all your eggs into one basket!

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