At Retriever we understand the power of digital adverts and paid promotions.

Working with strategic partners we fully optimise campaigns, target new business, manage landing pages and monitor all visitors and their journey through your site from the first click to their final exit. We then use A/B testing to find the best solution and then manage the solution from improving ads to editing the website.


Over 1 in 3 of the UK population use social networks on a daily basis, this is where your customers are, so you should be too. Social paid advertising reaches key targets – users have already entered their age, sex, location and marital status. By using social paid we can promote your services and/or products to those who are most likely to purchase them. And by the increased use of mobile devices and mobile advertising we can reach your potential customers wherever they are.


Getting your ads noticed is the result of great ad content, powerful keywords, quality landing pages and high-quality scores. We achieve these results by A/B testing, analysis of results and evaluation of tested campaigns.

We cover all networks including Google, Bing and YouTube.


We amalgamate PPC and display advertising to ensure a strong paid search advertising campaign as an extra medium to promote your brand using creative messaging. We use strong branding, powerful images and quality content to reach targeted traffic that may not click on search engine ads whilst using their favourite websites.


This is a powerful marketing stream that targets lost traffic that have either abandoned an order or not yet completed an order, and turns them into a sale conversion. The biggest benefit to remarketing is that you can easily monitor how you interact with prospects at different points through their buying journey. Remarketing is the same as Retargeting.

See here for more information on What is Remarketing


By getting your products in front of the very people you want to target – your potential customers, using Google Shopping is an ideal marketing tool.

Google shopping is an excellent way of presenting your products to those visitors looking for the right product, at the right time and at the right price.

Expanding your online presence to the Google search results page with visual references of your product and on the Google shopping page.

Our Google shopping campaigns can be more effective, On average 30% cheaper than standard PPC campaigns and result in a higher conversion rate


YouTube advertising is an option which provides you to promote your business products and services to a wider audience.

Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, get your business in front of this huge targeted audience.

We can create YouTube advertising campaigns that reach your perfect customer, and you only pay when people actually watch your promotion.

We can provide video marketing services, video production services with our partners.


Give a Retriever a call, start seeing a return on your investment with pay per click advertising.

If you would like to know more about our PPC Management service, give us a call on 01903 791660 or fill in our paid search management form.

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  • Social Paid Advertising

    Social Media has seen a massive boom in the past few years, so what better place to advertise your business than on the social media platforms your customers are browsing everyday.

  • Paid Search

    Paid search is a surefire way to make sure your website is found on the first page of Google's search engine results pages.

  • Reap The Rewards

    Through paid search advertising you can expect to see a much higher number of visitors to your website, which in turn leads to more conversions and sales.

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