PR Agency in London wins new clients every month with SEO

SEO works, we all know it does!

We are digital marketers, we know that SEO works. We see it work every day. 

But we are different!

We do not charge £3000 per month for services that do not work.

Our agency offers realistic services for realistic prices.

PR agency in London wins work every month by being found in Google for the services they actually offer!


So why is Search Engine Optimisation still not trusted? Why are companies not willing to spend on services that work? 

Services that increase their awareness to potential customers?


SEO Works

Yes, SEO is harder to do in 2019 than ever before. As competition increases, Google gets more intelligent and costs are under the biggest scrutiny as the financial markets dither over Brexit.

However, if you follow Google’s advice and almost robotically (but using human intelligence, common sense and input) optimise your website with new and regular content, utilising social media and links to your site, then SEO will work for you.

Our client in Fulham, South London is a reputable PR agency in London and has been a client of ours for several years. We have a good working business relationship. We do not charge the earth for our proven services.

However, when their clients find them in Google, and the PR agency states the obvious on how they were found – in Google because of their SEO – these same customers always dither on using the same services that they use (and hence their customers will use) to increase their presence to potential clients!


How do you market your business?

First, before you look into your marketing. Ask yourself HOW YOU search for things you want or need!

I bet you use a search engine whether it is Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or Bing………. yes all search engines! And guess what? That is EXACTLY what YOUR customers use to search for your products and services!

So, why do you bulk at using SEO services that work?

Businesses are always looking for new clients, customers, sales, business – name it what you like. Marketing is the key to advertising their services, products etc.

Digital marketing, using SEO, social media, link building and content – does work. It is not a quick return on investment. And like any marketing – like an advert in a magazine which needs to be over a long time to actually work  – is a long term investment.

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