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Research has shown that for e-commerce sites, 2 – 5% of visitors will only make a purchase on their first visit to the e-commerce website or online store. Getting visitors to any website is the most difficult and expensive method, keeping these visitors is worthwhile investing in.

Remarketing is a method of recapturing those 95 – 98% of visitors by tracking their initial visit to your store and then remarketing your brand advertising to them with adverts placed on strategic websites as they browse the internet.

This method of retargeting your visitors is to raise your profile and brand awareness of your products and services to remind your customers, and potential customers of your website, e-commerce or online store for a return visit to BUY!

The industry uses both the words Retargeting and Remarketing – both are the same.

We can target various visitors using different methods:

Website Remarketing

This is the most common form of retargeting. It allows you to target and follow visitors to your site by displaying banner ads on websites they visit afterwards. Every time they see your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. This repeated exposure results in high click-through rates and increased conversions.

Facebook retargeting

When users log onto Facebook, they can be retargeted with a relevant advert based on their web site they were browsing or the products they were searching for.

Search remarketing

Search retargeting uses intent data captured during a visitor’s search journey. It allows you to target those who have searched for similar or competing services but have not yet visited your site. By combining intent from search with the power of display, we can create a highly effective search remarketing solution.

Mobile Remarketing

Mobile retargeting refers to the fact that the reach of your remarketing campaign can be extended over mobile devices. Site, Search and Facebook retargeting can all be extended over to mobile devices.

Personalised retargeting

Personalised retargeting also known as Dynamic Ads – enable displaying an ad tailored to the visitor. They could be based on a specific product or service they viewed on your web site, a specific page they visited or an action they performed. The content of the ad is dynamic and can therefore include any image or text related to their previous browsing experience.

At Retriever Digital we can advise you on your best types of products and services to benefit from remarketing campaigns, how to tag pages and deliver successful online retargeting for your business.

Call a Retriever on 01903 791660 or fill in our Retargeting services contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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