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SEO for Business – is it really essential?

Do I really need SEO?

When researching for this article for SEO for business, I used webpages that were highly ranked on search engines. I have undoubtedly missed several sites with great content simply because they did not appear in the top search results. Without search engine optimisation, this will be happening to your website right now. This article aims to give you and your website a head start in understanding that businesses have a raw need for SEO for business, exposing how this marketing strategy can bridge the gap between your business and potential consumers.

What is SEO?

In order to understand SEO, we first need to discuss search engines. Search engines are the top mechanism for driving traffic to webpages. Research shows 93% of online users start their session using search engines. 75% of users never search further than the first page of results. SEO is therefore the technique used to ensure your webpage is on that first page of search engine results, in order to increase online traffic to your business.

Three important SEO factors

SEO will code your website in a way that means search engine algorithms can easily locate your webpage and thus rank the information highly.

It will focus on the content of the website, ensuring the keywords and phrases that are used are ones which people are likely to type in to search engines when looking for your services.

It will encourage natural links, by creating content that can easily be shared,. This will increase search engine ranking and thus traffic to your webpage. Ultimately, SEO will ensure your website is directly in front of those people searching for a service or product that your business provides, thus turning potential customers in to actual customers.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO helps your business to connect with your consumer…

SEO is the key mechanism for bringing people to your webpage and turning them in to customers. It allows your webpage to be the first to offer a resolution to people’s problems, thus driving revenue and increasing consumer awareness or your brand. A key issue with many businesses is not poor content; it’s simply that no one can find them. Search engine optimisation solves this problem by putting your website at the top of search rankings, connecting your business with the people looking to purchase your products or services.

SEO uses the online world to your advantage

SEO is key to connecting your business with consumers due to the significance and use of the online world in business today. For example research shows 4 out of 5 consumers now use search engines to find out information about local businesses. Nearly everyone is online and using search engines in everyday life. Search engine optimisation uses this to your advantage to promote your business, by utilizing the online world to provide people with solutions to what they are actively searching for. SEO allows you to rapidly build a client base through the digital space.

SEO improves online and offline sales

Not only does SEO encourage people to purchase your services or products online, it also brings potential customers to your doorstep. It has been found 50% of consumers who used their mobile to search travelled to a store within 24 hours. This highlights the need to use search engines to draw customers in and put your business on the map. SEO does this by ensuring your website is immediately available in search results, thus driving online traffic, encouraging store visits and increasing sales.

SEO is an investment

Although SEO evolves over time and so you will need to keep up to date with new techniques to maintain rankings, the concept will not change. Once you take the first step to SEO you will not look back. SEO improves sales at little cost, and continues to work over time, having a long lasting impact on the success of your business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not paid advertisement. SEO is organic which means although an initial budget must be used to employ the right people to implement it, you do not have to pay an on going amount to search engines to maintain your ranking. Instead you must simply keep up to date with your SEO, and considering 70% of sites visited on search engines are organic, this works in your favour.

SEO allows you to monitor progress

SEO can be measured, evaluated and changed accordingly. Google Analytics can assist in this analysis, helping you to improve your SEO efforts. Hence you are able to measure returns on your SEO investment. This is a key element of SEO and highlights the range of positive outcomes surrounding this marketing technique. Being able to track your SEO efforts means you are able make informed decisions on how to better direct traffic to your site. You will be able to measure progress and resolve problems. Thus SEO will help your webpage and business overtake and stay ahead of your competition.

If the above reasons have not persuaded you to employ SEO then take a look here to see what happens when a website is not optimised correctly.

Local SEO

Whilst not every business is solely online, most do have business premises and need customers to visit their premises. So getting found for local seo is paramount for most companies. Getting found for not just your name – as there will be many more people NOT knowing your name than those that do – is very important. Getting found for your services alone, like “Plumber Brighton” will bring a massive amount of traffic to your site. So if you wanted to be found for “Plumbers spares Brighton” and have a physical shop, for which you want visitors to purchase across the counter, then local seo is a must.

DIY SEO or Outsource it?

Do you want to learn how to do SEO for yourself, your business? Why not learn how to optimise your site yourself? Or have the knowledge to check up on your team or outsourced SEO agency!

Do you have the time to do it yourself? 20 hours per month minimum, just to maintain a site for digital marketing?

Do you have the knowledge? Learn it here.

How do I begin SEO?

SEO plays a substantial role in the success of a business. Therefore it is essential SEO is done correctly and by an experienced agency. However there are some steps your business can take to make improvements. For example: learn the key words consumers use to find your business and put these in to your webpage; ensure you website can be easily navigated with a hierarchy of subjects and a clear structure; and finally link build with other businesses to ensure as many potential consumers as possible see your webpage.

Experienced digital marketing agencies know their stuff! So will do all of this and much more to ensure your website becomes a leading search result. By doing so will over take competitor sites and increase your sales. It is still important for you to be able to monitor your investment. Therefore read this to learn some simple tips for checking your digital marketing agency is doing their job.

If you would like to transform your business in to a leading organisation using SEO, contact Retriever Digital. Or call 01903 791660 for a no obligation chat to find out more.

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