Should you do Recession Marketing?

Recession Marketing is here to stay!

Money is tight, jobs are on the table and leads are few and far between; Sales are probably low if not at ZERO! 

We are in a recession right? And you are not the only one with troubles but how do you get out of it?

How do you survive in a recession, when all those around you are seemingly failing?

Increase your marketing or START.

Start Recession Marketing TODAY.

WHY start Recession Marketing for your company?

The large multinational companies, those with large overheads than you, increase their marketing. They increase their product awareness to let their customers know they are still in business and their potential customers too.

Confidence. Breeds confidence.

Isn’t marketing expensive?

Won’t your company going into administration or closing down e more expensive?

But it doesn’t have to be expensive!!

If you literally do not have actually money to invest, then you will have to invest with your time. 

How to use Marketing

How did your company grow to what it is today?

Did you rely on friends and family, and then “word of mouth”? And now guess what, those people are still there but have probably brought from you and now not require your products. Enough to keep you afloat anyway!

So you will need to spread the word, start marketing!!

Marketing Decisions

Okay, so where do you start? Some simple questions, do you have any money you can divert to marketing?

YES – do you have the knowledge AND TIME to do it yourself?

Consider different things here, for starters, if you are using your time marketing, who is doing the selling? Selling not only involves you talking to potential clients but also networking……. is your time more valuable SELLING the company and products/services in networking groups and meetings? If so, then do what YOU do best and outsource what you do not do best…. marketing!!

Can you do it yourself whilst your company is still working?

Are you a small business, for instance, a plumber, a fitted furniture maker, kitchen provider etc. Or do you have products to sell, who does the sourcing etc.

If you do not have time and expertise, – do you service the brakes on your car? NO……… then outsource to somebody who DOES have that expertise.

Remember too, that the marketing companies are needing sales, so get a deal, get a bargain, barter but get somebody to do it for YOU.

Marketing Areas To Consider:

Website – is it able to be found in Google? 

Do you have Google My Business? Can you be found on Google Maps?

Read this post to find out more.

Is your business found online in all search engines?

Do you ONLY have a website – what about other search engines like Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Houzz – these are all search engines you should be in or found via. Read this on search engines.

Do you use social media for your business?

Ok, so you are in lockdown and sick of social media!! Yeah, you’ve seen the pictures of the cat in a hat, the funny videos etc. etc. but you will also have noticed your competitors with Facebook ads or just posts that have been shared of their services, products etc. SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS!!

YOU have noticed this AND YOUR potential customers do too.

Read this.

Do you still need proof?

See how a London based PR agency in a highly competitive market and location, using SEO and outsourced marketing services achieves high rankings that obtain new leads monthly AND new business. 

Do you agree with the above? Would love to hear your comments.

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Even the people at Forbes advise using recession marketing!!