If you are currently the proud owner of a Facebook page, you must have noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult for your followers to actually see your posts. Social media marketing is a major factor in marketing any buisness online. 

You may be spending many fruitless hours creating posts which people just don’t see.

Perhaps while you are working hard to create a fun and informative Facebook presence, you may be struggling to entice people to ‘Like’ your page. The harder you try, the less success you have. Sound familiar? If this is the case it may be worth investing in social media pad ads. Boost your posts, increase your followers, it really does work.

This is why you should consider our social media marketing services. You can choose your budget, we set up the campaigns and create the content and manage proceedings, and you can sit back and watch your social profile soar.

It’s not just Facebook, we can also incorporate Twitter and LinkedIn into your paid advertising campaign. This can run alongside your digital marketing campaign or can be a standalone project.

We will provide you with statistical information at the end of each campaign so you can see the growth yourself.

If you would like to know more about our social media and paid advertising campaigns, call on 01903 791660.

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  • Twitter Advertising

    Do you want more followers, more clicks to your website, and a bigger audience for your Tweets? If so Twitter advertising is for you

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is known to be the top social network for B2C businesses so if you sell to consumers make sure you advertise on Facebook.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    Are you a B2B company? If so then LinkedIn advertising may suit you as this social network is aimed directly at businesses.

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