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Everyone uses voice recognition software to search Google to find information from their mobile device. Are you? Is your website setup to be found in Google by voice recognition software? Setup your website and SEO for being found in Google by your potential customers using voice search.

Siri is popular for a reason, it is simple and works. Most searches using voice are probably for fun but more and more people are using it for convenience. It is easy. Try asking your mobile device to “Find a Restaurant” or other simple searches. Can you find your business or website using voice in Google searches?

Enabling your website to be found in local search, using voice recognition, can increase your visitor numbers to your website and physical premises. This will result in an increase of visitors and sales. Likewise enabling voice search to an e-commerce site, will increase website visitors and sales.

We can optimise your website, products and services for searches using voice recognition software. Our Voice SEO services are used by all voice recognition software in IOS and Android products.

Check out our search terms using your voice recognition software by asking the following – “SEO Agency Worthing” – who comes up number 1? No surprise there!

Contact a Retriever to find out how we can help your business achieve number one in Google for voice SEO and in Google search.

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