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You, like many businesses, may have invested a considerable amount of time and money on a website and then waited with baited breath for the orders to start rolling in.

Sadly, for the majority of us it just isn’t that easy. The website build is just the beginning.

Before embarking on a digital marketing campaign, the first step is to fully understand your website. Can improvements be made? Are there any technical issues? Is it lacking content? Is there a blog page? Are there sitemaps? Do all the links work properly? What is your bounce rate? Which pages are people looking at? Where are people clicking on your site? Is your site mobile friendly?

The main question is “Can it be found in Search Engines” – of course you might answer – but try searching for your website in “Incognito” or “Private” browsing. And use keywords – not your company name.

These are just a few of the areas we will look at when carrying out a comprehensive website audit on your behalf. Once we have ascertained areas for improvement within your website, we will also look into your current social media activity and make recommendations for improvements. This could include more frequent posting to increased interaction and paid ads.

So fill in our form, and we’ll get the free website audit to you within 24 business hours – all we ask you for in return is to schedule a call with us to discuss the issues raised and how we can help you get the rankings you wish for!

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  • Website Review

    Our first step will be to take a thorough look at your website and see where changes can be made to improve it's effectiveness.

  • Social Media Review

    We will take a look at your social media profiles to see if improvements need to be made, we will also look into which social media platforms would suit your business.

  • Reporting

    Once we have taken an indepth look at your website and your social media we will send you a detailed report with all of our findings.

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