What is Marketing Automation

Automated marketing software allows you to automate key processes within your marketing campaigns that are key to their success. These tasks are often labour intensive when managed by hand. With marketing automation, you can set up these processes simply, quickly and effectively to produce a well-built marketing machine.

An effective inbound marketing campaign can be setup using automated marketing software for lead nurturing, segmented lists, lead scoring and distribution of leads and trigger offers or rewards when somebody performs a specific action.

Marketing automated software is ideal for any business, both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) –  companies have shown remarkable growth in lead generation as well as achieved faster sales conversions and greater success in reducing cost and time spent in running marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation Software

Whilst there are many software providers, there are distinct underlying differences regarding costs, content and support. Whilst the larger game players like Hubspot are the industry’s number one – either by being the largest or with the most amount of users, Act-On are fast approaching Hubspot and are the fastest growing marketing automation company in the World.

Hubspot is one of the most costly providers, with long signup commitments and require the user to install your content on their platform. There are extra costs involved for content, if you require it, like landing pages, forms, email templates etc. This is not always clear when in initial talks with Hubspot and the extra prices are only referenced to lightly but when you have signed up…. outcomes the extra high costs.

Act-On prices are what you see is what you get, they are open about the license fee and any other costs. For instance, if you want to get your account up and running fast, their in-house support can do this at a cost but it is all transparent.

Both software services can be run in-house, and with support, this can be achieved within 90 days with a full automated process in place for inbound marketing campaigns. However, the best and probably most effective method is to work with an agency partner, like ourselves – Act-On ACE Agency Partner.

The beauty of marketing automation is that you get to see who is on your website, who has visited and when.

Why should you care about website Visitors?

The average website has a bounce rate of about 55%, that means 55% of visitors leave your site quickly, for a number of reasons, the information is not what they expected, they made a mistake or your site has issues BUT the other 45% – who are they, what did they look at, how long did they spend on the site……….. powerful information that you could be missing. The main reason they probably came to your site was to find out about your business, from either an outbound message or from organic search results – so, CAPTURE their information, ask them for their email address, and name; and then offer them information, often a download that can help with their problems.

Then using the software we can track their following visits and provide more trustworthy and informative relevant content; thus building their trust with your brand.

We then hit them with a sales call. The target should be warm to your call as they know everything about your business. They will recognise your brand and be willing to talk. There are a number of reasons why these calls are more effective than a cold call, they know your brand, they trust your information and expertise and if you have helped with their pain points, will be more understanding to accepting your call.

Target your ideal client with automated marketing software

By using lead scoring and personas you can target your ideal client by providing content to engage with them. Using information relevant to the areas they visit and spend time in. That could be online and offline. We would devise personas for your ideal target audience. We research who they are, age and where they spend their time. Which blogs they read, articles, social media haunts and forums – then target them with relevant information that solves their pain points.

With lead scoring, we can then target contacts that are warm leads. They have downloaded relevant information, have opened a series of emails from you, they trust you. These warm leads have provided their email address initially or have contacted your marketing team previously. They will not have unsubscribed from your lists. These warm contacts are welcome to your emails and contact.

See growth with marketing automation

Currently, there are approximately 9% of the UK businesses using inbound marketing. A similar amount are using marketing automation software with this. The growth witnessed is remarkable, often at least 10% year on year but others as high as 20%.  See these case studies from Act-On with iCharts or Spinnaker and see how each company has benefited.

Whilst the uptake of marketing automation services in the UK is low, it is growing fast; because it works.

Cold calls are demoralising for any sales team! Cold calls will often hit a gatekeeper who just will not let you pass.  Help your sales team by making them become more effective. They will see the results of an outbound call to warm and trustworthy contacts and see the benefits and work more productively.

Marketing automation does require an alignment between your sales and marketing teams. Once the flow from your funnel from marketing to sales becomes highly effective, your business will gel better. Resulting in teams working more effectively and seamlessly. Will this mean that one-day marketing and sales become one? That is a question for another day!


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