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• What is Pocket? An Overview

So what is Pocket? It’s an app which allows you to save exciting articles, videos and web pages that you want to read later to your Evernote account. Without human intervention, Pocket syncs content to your phone, tablet, or computer so you can view it anytime, with or without an Internet connection. You can selectively and easily clip articles and web pages you’ve captured using Pocket to your Evernote account. Here, you can access it whenever you need it, from any computer or device where you have Evernote installed.

• History of Pocket

In 2007, Read it Later (later rebranded as “Pocket” https://getpocket.com/) was established by Nate Weiner to enable people to save amazing articles, videos and more from the web for later consideration. Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer. It can be viewed while waiting in a queue, on the sofa, during commutes or travel — and here’s the important bit…even offline. After its initial success, with millions of users already signed up, Weiner moved his office to Silicon Valley.

Four other people then joined the Read It Later team, still a relatively small affair in terms of staff numbers versus users. Weiner’s aim was to have the application replicate TiVo for web content and give users access to that content on any gadget. Read It Later received venture capital investments of 2.5 million US dollars in 2011 and an extra $5million in 2012. In addition to some anonymous angel investors, funds came from Baseline Ventures, Foundation Capital, Founder Collective and Google Ventures.

At the outset, a paid and a free version – including additional features – of the Read It Later app was available. After the rebranding to Pocket, all paid features were made available in a free and advertisement-free app. A paid subscription service called Pocket Premium was introduced in May 2014, adding server-side storage of articles and more powerful search tools (more of that later).

• Growth of Pocket

Pocket, the most commonly used save-for-later service, presently has over 22 million registered customers and is incorporated into over 1500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard and Zite. It is accessible for main devices and platforms as well as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Kobo, Kindle Fire, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Windows.

Within the last 3 years, over 22 million people have saved more than 2 billion articles and videos to Pocket. They’ve used Pocket to capture the stories that matter to them, to learn and nurture their careers, and to be motivated and entertained.

Here is what makes Pocket beneficial:

• Extensions/Apps for Chrome, Android and Web
• Incorporation with third-party services such as Zite (Android), Twitter (Android and Web)
• Offline reading on desktop including Android (with Chrome application)
• Reflowed text with bespoke views
• Full-text search (only accessible with Premium accounts)

When Pocket was called Read It Later, it was the first of the bookmark and read later services, thus it has a remarkable spread of supported devices and apps. It’s also come a long way in the looks department and has some killer features that make it a favourite of so many.

• Pocket Supported Apps:

Pocket possesses, with a very good gap, the most support among several third-party apps. Should you desire to save articles from Flipboard, Pulse, TweetBot, the Onion, the Alien Blue Reddit Client, and other applications, Pocket is the best service to use. It has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and a bookmarklet that works in any browser. For everything else, it also has an easy save-by-email function. Here you can view the full list of supported apps.

Interface and Features: In all probability Pocket is the most feature-packed of its kind. Asides from the features mentioned above, it can also:

Save embedded video in an article so you can watch them online. There has never been a read-it-later app with this function (although you need to regrettably be online for this feature to work in Pocket).

Send articles to other people via email, including other Pocket users.
Choose from two different fonts, multiple font sizes, and three different colour palettes (black on white, white on black, and sepia).

• Pocket and Firefox integration

Pocket integration was added as a default feature to the Mozilla Firefox web browser in June 2015 via a toolbar button and link to a user’s Pocket list in the bookmarks menu. This integration became controversial, as users displayed concerns for the direct integration of a proprietary service into the open source program that, unlike traditional extensions for Firefox, cannot be totally disabled without editing advanced settings.

• Comparisons with Pocket competitors


For a while, Instapaper was popular with the iOS crowd but has since expanded to other platforms. It has always been praised for its design, but perhaps its biggest strength lies in its article discovery. Not only can you save articles you found on the web, but the ability to follow your friends on Instapaper is a great way to pick up a few more, including the Editor’s Picks, help you find articles you wouldn’t have otherwise read.

Price: £3.99 on iOS, £2.99 on Android. Instapaper also offers a £1/month subscription service that lets you search your entire archive of articles, which is useful.

Supported Devices:

Instapaper legitimately only supports Kindle, iOS and Android. Your articles can be exported in ePub format for use on any e-reader that supports it.

Supported Apps:

Instapaper does not have many supported applications as Pocket, and the majority of them are Mac and iOS apps (such as NetNewsWire, Reeder and Tweetbot), however, the list is still noteworthy. You can submit articles via an email or a bookmarklet.

Interface and Features: Instapaper has a very attractive interface, and has grown to include a solid list of features.


(update – Readability is closing down – here is a great alternative guide? )

Readability has always been a big name in making web articles more readable, but it’s some way behind the times on the bookmark service and mobile apps. Yet, while it may not be as mature and feature-filled as its cousins, its simplicity may win over people who just want to get reading.

Price: Free

Supported Devices:

Readability gives support to Kindle devices, Android, and iOS, and it has extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, plus the usual bookmarklets and add-by-email features.

Supported Apps:

Readability does not possess lots of app integration, though it does work with a few well-liked ones, like Reeder, Pulse, Tweetbot, Flipboard and iCab Mobile.

Interface & Features: Readability looks quite similar to Instapaper, but with fewer options. It looks nice enough and the animations really make its interface pleasant, but it isn’t nearly as feature-filled as the other apps.

In the event that you just desire something simple, then readability will function fine or else we would suggest passing it by in favour of Pocket.

• Pocket Premium

Pocket possesses a very strong vision for the future, and Pocket premium is the initial piece of this longer-term goal. Although testing may be slow to begin, the sponsored content is going to be of high quality. Pocket has always been a place of top quality and sponsored posts are not exempted. Their aim is to ensure that these posts and the content in them does not only feel natural to your Pocket experience but will also be things you’d love to read and watch to boot.
These sponsored posts will be uniquely marked to separate them from others that you see in Pocket.

In the event that you see a sponsored post you aren’t too keen on, you can hide it and give them feedback so they can make it better. Perhaps you desire to remove sponsored content altogether, Pocket Premium permits you to support the development of Pocket while giving you access to added features, like an ad-free experience.

• Saving to Pocket:

This is very easy; with just a few clicks or taps, you are done. Straight after an item is saved, it can be accessed from anywhere through Pocket; on the internet or in any of their apps.

• The best way to save to Pocket

– Save through Email

Just send a link to add@getpocket.com in order to save to Pocket. Forward it to your PC, mobile device, or anywhere you can access email

– From more than 300 Apps

Pocket is included in more than 300 third-party applications, enabling you to save to Pocket without the need to leave the app.

– Firefox, Safari, and Chrome Extensions

The Firefox, Safari, and Chrome Extensions will enable you to rapidly save to Pocket using these browsers while providing some added incorporations with Google Reader and Twitter.

– Bookmarklet on your iOS and Computer

The Pocket Bookmarklet will allow you to save to Pocket from almost any browser. It has been linked to your Pocket account, so the present page will be saved anytime you click on the button.

– Manually Save to Pocket

You can save pages to Pocket manually, should the extensions or bookmarklet not be the most practical alternatives.

– Share Page Menu on Kindle Fire and Android

On Kindle Fire or Android, you can save from almost everywhere by making use of the Share Page menu. Just tap ‘Add to Pocket’ and you are done.

• Pocket Apps

Pocket is incorporated into more than 500 applications across several platforms you may have used. This is possible due to Pocket having an open API that permits developers and users to produce their personal Pocket applications, incorporate them into their existing apps, and also share them with other Pocket customers.

The Pocket platform is host to over 52,077 customer-created applications, out of which 406 have been launched publicly in the app listing. By exploring this listing of apps, you may possibly find a complete featured Pocket customer for your favourite browser, discover another app that perfectly suits into your present Pocket workflow, or gets motivated to develop your own.

• IFTTT and Pocket

IFTTT is an exceptional way to mechanise all we do on the net and of course Pocket is not exempted. The content that you presently have online can be enhanced with the use of Pocket, and much more if you desire to keep a few orders in the list you have.

Anytime you favourite a post in pocket, a note will be produced in Evernote. With this particular solution, you will reduce a little mess from out of your list in Pocket, particularly if you desire to save something you considered important and will be using again.

Using one click, you can easily save a YouTube video in Pocket – another great solution for every video you don’t have time to watch now. With Pocket, everything you desire is stored in a single place. Save every one of your favourite blogs in Pocket. Should you have a site you love and never want to stop reading any of its published articles from, then forward it to Pocket without delay!

• Tips for Pocket

If you receive an email, you can save it in Pocket. You just send the message to add@getpocket.com. You will have to confirm your email the very first time (which has to be the mail you used in your Pocket account), thereafter it is automatic. In the event that you desire something more sensitive, you can have the mail client CloudMagic installed. It has versions for Android and iOS and can send documents to Pocket as well as other services rapidly.

Conclusively, should you desire the ultimate power use of Pocket, there exists a chrome extension called Batch Save Pocket. This allows you to save several links at once basically by simply selecting text. Additionally, you can place tags should you wish to need improved organisation.

• Tailored reading as much as possible

The default Pocket design on every device including the website is white in colour. However you can make a few changes to rest your eyes particularly for individuals who read late at night.
Pocket has two versions: one having a dark black background and the other in sepia. To make any of these modifications, you have to open an article to read and look for the “AA” button on the mobile version. For the website version, it is in the top menu. Here, you can customise many aspects to suit your experiences such as font type, font size and colour.

Mobile versions of Pocket has two other first-rate features.

  • Change the brightness of the screen
  • Listen to the items should you desire not to read.

The Pocket platform is truly multilingual and is now available in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese.

• Conclusion

To summarise, Pocket possesses apps for every kind of device, thereby making it easier to save links for future reading. Additionally, it incorporates with several other apps via its public API. If you need a browser, the Chrome extension enables you to keep all you read with a single click. There are likewise plugins available for Opera and Firefox; or you can make use of the bookmarklet to perform well in the bookmarks bar of any browser. Using a mobile phone is not a problem as there are apps for iOS, Androids. There are solutions for Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Window mobile. There is simply not a better way to save and read content than this brilliant app. Pocket is constantly evolving, furthering itself and meeting the demands of millions of users.

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