Which Brands Do Well At Social Media

Have you ever wondered which brands are doing the best at social media in the UK? We have, which is why we decided to do some research and find out which companies have the biggest following on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and give you examples of their posts.


We all know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet, and we also know it is the hardest to find success. People have to really connect with your brand to follow you on Facebook so it can take a lot of work to get a small following. However some brands seem to be experiencing fantastic success on Facebook, here are the top 3 in the UK:

1.  Garnier

Garnier Facebook Page

Likes: 8.1 Million

Garnier has seen a massive increase in the amount of ‘likes’ on its Facebook page over the past month and when you take a look through their news feed it is easy to see why. They use bright eye-catching images for a majority of their posts, they also use a variety of posts and videos to promote their products, as well as giving hints and tips on how to use their products. Garnier also uses popular news stories such as the recent heatwave, they added a series of 5 posts giving tips on how to cope with the heat.

Another important factor is they reply to comments on their Facebook feed and this always goes down well with customers, making the brand seem much more people-centred.


2. Wall’s

Wall’s Facebook Page

Likes: 7.3 Million

Who would have thought the frozen food brand Wall’s would be one of the most popular brand pages on Facebook in the UK? Certainly not us.

However when you take a look at their page it is easy to see why this brand is doing so well, they use current trending topics in their posts, such as the recent General Election and the Star Wars trailers. They also take the time to respond to comments left on their posts. Another factor to consider is the fact 99% of their posts contain eye-catching images, and as we all know images receive far more interaction than written posts on Facebook.


3.  Amazon.co.uk

Amazon.co.uk Facebook Page

Likes – 5.3 Million

This one doesn’t come as such a surprise; Amazon is a monolith of the business world so it would stand to reason they would receive a lot of attention on social media. As with Wall’s, a vast majority of Amazon’s posts contain large images which definitely seems to help with the interaction. However, they don’t seem to use trending topics and as far as I could see they don’t reply to comments on their posts. If this was something they started to do maybe they could become number 1 on Facebook in the UK.

amazon facebook


Twitter is somewhat easier to achieve success on for your business than Facebook, however, you still need to work at it if you want to gain customers. Here are the brands that are doing the best at Twitter:

1.  Nando’s

Nando’s Twitter Page

Followers – 1.9 Million

Nando’s has a mixture on its news feed including images and posts about their food, posts relating to the hashtags #NandosMusic and #NandosLove, as well as giveaways galore. They use a fun and relaxed tone in their posts which appeals rather than a business tone for this type of business.


2.  Amazon.co.uk

Amazon.co.uk Twitter Page

Followers – 1.8 Million

Amazon is doing well, appearing in the top 3 UK brands on both Facebook and Twitter, showing they are clearly doing something right on their social media channels. Twitter is mainly used to showcase different products available on Amazon however they also feature competitions and giveaways in their feed which receive a good amount of interaction such as retweets and favourites.

amazon twitter

3.  ASOS

ASOS Twitter Page

Followers – 861k

ASOS does a fantastic job with its Twitter account, keeping it light-hearted and fun. They mainly post pics of celebrities as well as their products and helpful hint videos. As well as all of this they promote their free giveaway competitions on Twitter.



Google+ seems to be a platform that not many people really like but we all feel we need to be a part of because its “Google”

1.  Cadbury

Cadbury Google+ Page

Followers – 3.9 Million

It’s fair to say it’s slightly confusing to look at the Cadbury Google+ page. They rarely use it to promote their products, and they only post once a week. However they may have hit on a winning strategy, their weekly post has the hashtag #FreeTheJoy and these posts show various videos of people dancing, most of which are quite funny. As we know funny videos receive a lot of interaction in social media.


2.  Travel Republic

Travel Republic Google+ Page

Followers – 2.9 Million

Travel Republics wall on Google+ is probably more what you would you expect from a brand on social media, it features images of exotic locations around the world as well as Travel hints and tips. What may come as a surprise is the fact this brand doesn’t post very often, maybe 5-6 posts a month maximum.

travel republic

3. British Airways

British Airways Google+ Page

Followers – 2.6 Million

BA uses it’s Google + page to great effect sharing images of their planes as well as travel news. They also encourage a high amount of interaction by asking their followers to share their travel plans and asking a good amount of questions in their posts. They post eye-catching images with nearly every post and are also known to share images taken by plane enthusiasts from sites such as Instagram.

british airways

So there you have it, our list of the most successful UK brands on social media. If you are struggling with your brand’s social media campaign give us a call on 01903 521024, or fill out the form on our contact page and we can discuss possible campaign options or social media training to help you along.