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Voice search is fast becoming on of the most important SEO factors in search engine optimisation history. Bold statement to make but consider that voice is becoming predominately used by people, is your website missing out on being found?

Considering that Apple devices like Siri and Android is fast catching up, possibly overtaking Siri in the close future, getting your business found by voice recognition software is a must have and should be utilised in all online digital marketing campaigns.

A website or business not using voice search will miss out on a vast amount of potential business.

TRY IT YOURSELF   Go to your your favourite device and browser and search for what you offer, your products or services using “Voice Search” – do not mention your business name, as people NOT knowing of you are the ones you want to attract! Well, what are the results? Did you find your business?

If you cannot find your own business, then how on earth can your potential customers?

TRY AN ALTERNATIVE – Try inputting the same words via your keyboard, again looking for your website, not using your company name. Well, what are the results this time?

Again, If you cannot find your own business, then how on earth can your potential customers? However, this time it is more important to take note as this is how the majority of search engine visitors search online. BUT voice search is overtaking in popularity, FAST.

Why is Voice Search growing so fast?

It’s easy using voice to look for what you want!!

People are getting so lazy. Just using your voice, whilst driving or using a Siri device like HomePod to look for information, to play the radio, to activate devices, check on the weather, the theatre, cinema listings, a restaurant opening or men details; the capabilities are enormous.

It also saves time on typing on small keyboards on devices like phones and tablets. Having “big finger syndrome”, making mistakes and the pain of predictive text as well, typing in dog instead of God, can bring up the most weird of searches.

But hey, voice recognition software is not beyond causing a laugh, not recognising your dialect or pronunciation but it is learning, fast evolving and becoming quite clever.


How can you ensure voice search finds my website?

Fully optimising your website, providing the right content and using long tailed keywords will in essence ensure your website is found in Voice Search. Voice SEO goes a little further though. By including the following options, you’ll go that little bit further to ensure your site is found in voice searching.

FAQs and solution pages – by making pages for these and optimising them correctly; you’ll be providing content as how people will search online using voice. If you have a questions, ask Google for what it is. If people are looking for a plumber in Brighton, for instance; might ask “Plumber in Brighton”. If people are wanting to know “Why you should use traditional marketing in an SEO campaign” – people will ask for question like that. They will expect an answer, so optimise and produce content that will answer that question.

Google My Business listing – make sure you fully complete your listing. It’s provided by Google, so Google will look to it for answers. Are you a restaurant? Add your opening hours, produce content – recipes, wheelchair access, free parking and more. What will your customers WANT to know about booking a meal at your place – provide the answers!!

Use conversational keywords. Write titles, title tags and content like people will use in Google voice search to find your business, products and services.

Structured data markup –  tell Google what you want them to know about your page, your website, your businesses.

Voice Search in SEO

As you can see, it is not difficult to utilise Google’s voice search into your online marketing campaigns. The knowledge can be gained or use a digital marketing agency to do the work for you. However, you then still need to market your website, add new content and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Paying a digital marketing agency to do this work will pay dividends when it all comes together. Being on the first page of Google has been promoted so much already! 91% of people do not go beyond this page when looking for information in Google. So why be anywhere else!?


A good webdesign is vitally important too. We are recognised as a Top Website Design company on DesignRush

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