Why use traditional marketing with digital marketing

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How to use traditional marketing methods with digital marketing.

Everywhere you look, especially on the internet but even in the press, radio, magazines and television, is information about SEO marketing, digital marketing, content, social media, website this and website that and YES it is very important, especially to market your business, but do not forget traditional marketing campaigns and more importantly – marry them together – Traditional and Digital.

Why use traditional marketing with digital marketing.

There are lots of important reasons why you should embrace traditional marketing with digital, whether that is combining your PR company/department, Marketing company/department and SEO or digital marketing agencies together or get them to talk to each other at least! The main reasons we discuss here are content and branding.


Marketing people are great at providing content, so it doesn’t matter if it is for traditional or digital, use that content across all mediums. OK a pretty face might not come across so well on radio, as it does in print or on the web but if you have a radio campaign going, use that in print and digital too. A radio campaign has content, just used differently. Utilise the content for branding reasons too.


Having a promotional campaign across all mediums, using the same branding, helps get the right message across to your target audience. Make sure your branding is the same across all types of promotional content, so that when a customer sees your advertising in the press when visiting your website they are without a doubt knowing that they are on the correct site. This builds trust and overall brand recognition. The same branding should be across everywhere, from adverts, website, letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, brochures, social media and blogs. Even if it is your prominent logo, it is a great start.

If you change your branding, it may be costly to make these changes across all media, especially print so make sure your branding is standard or could be used with a simple tweak. For instance, our logo is a spotted dog, hence Retriever in our business name. We can easily adapt this for Christmas by adding a Christmas hat, or Spring and add a daffodil hanging from the dog’s mouth.


Save time and money on content, why write two lots of content, with the same message, when one can be used across all mediums. You may need to edit it slightly for keywords on digital from press content but the same message will be apparent and will come across in your promotional content.

Writing content for a press editorial or story could run into thousands of words, using great pictures to provide interesting and engaging content for the print readers, whether in a newspaper or a magazine. Too long for a good blog right? So, split it into a series of blogs and using the same images or style of images and then promote this content across social media and other relevant industry related sites.

Print Marketing

Most print marketing requires the story or promotion to be original and not yet released elsewhere, and that also includes your website, so liaise with your reporters first before adding a winning campaign to your website.

Adding the same content across all mediums will help with the subliminal message of advertising. You might reach some customers there and then that will want to buy your services. This may be a few people – luck of the draw. But what this really does is to promote your business to people and trigger their memory when they do want your services or products. Present a branded image, with the same message going out on traditional and digital content. This will enhance your brand to those interested, especially for when they want to buy.

Why is involving traditional marketing important for digital marketing campaigns


This content is amazingly powerful for your website. Important for site rankings. Interesting and engaging content for your visitors. Using the same content across all digital media saves time, money and provides the right message for your business.

Google LOVES original content. So use it on your website. Optimise it so those visitors looking for your services can find it and then WANT to visit your website. Include CTAs (Calls to Actions) in all content. Whether that’s to telephone your sales staff or fill in a form for you to call them back. Do not assume that visitors will automatically call you, they need leading…!!

So, get your PR people, talking with your marketing people and ensure your traditional people talk to your digital people. Get people talking and this will get people talking to you.

People talk.

Advertising works, use digital and traditional TOGETHER.


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